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Thursday, July 20, 2017
Digital Summer

I have a computer at home (several, in fact). I have a computer at work. On the way between home and work, I drive a car and so I don't have time to use a computer. Which means that during a normal workday I rarely have need for a mobile device to surf the internet. But right now I am on my summer holidays, and there mobile devices are a lot more useful. And this summer there are two improvements that make my digital life during summer much easier.

The first improvement is minor, I replaced my old Samsung S4 phone by a new iPhone 7+, which I got with a nice rebate via my employer. I changed from Android to iOS because iOS has built-in support for hearing aids. Having your telephone ring directly in your ear withou anybody else being able to hear it is nifty. So is hearing your phone conversation with both ears. And like with the iPad I have wireless earphones for all media content.

The second improvement is that the European Commission forced mobile phone providers to drop roaming charges. That is a huge boon if you live in an European country smaller than Maryland. Before this you basically couldn't do mobile surfing while traveling, because it was prohibitively expensive. But now I can use my mobile devices for internet access with no additional cost all over Europe. Finally my surfing isn't limited to places with free wireless access any more.

Going on holidays soon myself and also looking forward to the new roaming arrangements. A word of warning though. Operators are allowed to enforce "fair use limits" which may be considerably lower than you have at home so check the small print before you stat mainlining netflix on the beach.

Wonder if any British Holidaymakers on the Costa will notice that this is just one more of the benefits they are about to give up?
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