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Monday, November 06, 2017
Don't want to battle for Azeroth

World of Warcraft announced a 7th expansion called Battle for Azeroth. At this point in time I don't feel any interest in that expansion. If it came out today, I wouldn't buy it. As it is coming out in a year, there is still time for me to change my mind. But there is a greater than zero probability that this will be the first World of Warcraft expansion I'm opting out of.

I am also puzzled as to why I have to fight the Horde as an Alliance player. We've been fighting common threats for quite some time. War is not the answer! There are other worlds out there apart from Azeroth.
@AlexF Its interesting you ask why we fight relative to this expansion. It was in Kul Tiras that Jaina Proudmoore betrayed her father. She believed the Prophet and Thrall's pleas (renewed in later expansions) that the Horde and Alliance being at odds wasn't the answer, especially in the face of the Legion and later the old golds. From the events in Mists of Pandaria and Legion, we know Jaina no longer believes this.

On top of that we have Sylvanas trying to solve her people's undeath problems, Anduin trying to live up to his father's legacy and protect his kingdom with Kadghar and Illidan both willing to sacrifice almost anything for what they believe is the good of creation.

Alliances and animosities are funny things. Look at the modern world with the USA/Britian/EU vs Japan vs USSR/Russia vs Nazi Germany vs China over the past 100 years. Alliances are made to counter a common threat like Nazi Germany, or Communism, and then countries are back to scheming to double cross their allies for an economic advantage.

The struggle of Azeroth is like the struggle of any world with a long history of war between various countries and races.

I have faith Blizzard will be able to combine their long and winding story with newer and refined gameplay systems worth subscribing to for at least a few months, if not longer.
As someone who played on both sides for quite a while, I certainly can understand, why they are at each others throats. What ticks me off is that Blizzard is expecting me to go along with it. I'm supposed to be a great hero, well known to both sides. Why don't I get the option to say "Call me when you found you senses and a common enemy, I'll be on that mountain over there"?
My biggest concern is that the theme of the expansion implies it very well could be PvP focused. As I have no real interest in WoW PvP, this is concerning. Especially since Blizzard has a long history of deciding what they think ALL players should be doing, and ramming that particular aspect of the game down everyone's throats.

Aside from that, the expansion just seems so generic and unimaginative. Everything announced for it is all the generic stuff you expect from every MMORPG expansion. I think they did a ton of things right in Legion, so I am quietly reserving judgement in hopes that they will build on that.
This is the first time I didn't feel in awe by a Blizzard announcement. I guess I'm too old for this stuff. I recently moved to Guild Wars 2 and invested 97 hours total across 2 characters. I reached max level without playing the latest expansion and I'm already done with it despite the great, amazing, immense fun and satisfaction I've experienced for a while.

At the end of the day it's always the same stuff. Be it WoW, Guild Wars or anything else.
Eh I feel the same way. I checked out of legion and since then I have had no urge to go back. Honestly even if I wanted to my time is so limited these days that I couldn’t do much besides very casual play so that also limited my interest in going back.
I tried Guild Wars 2 a while ago and found it a bit meh. It's pretty but they stripped out the things that made the original Guild Wars different.
@Bill I think they'll do a fantastic job with the lore and backstory, they always do. It's the repetitive and stale gameplay mechanic which is at the core of the WoW nugget that hits the pit of my stomach with an unpleasant churn that prevents me from returning.

It sucks, but ever wince I saw the Warcraft movie all I can think about is how much I want to play a Warcraft that looks and feels like the movie....good graphics and takes itself half seriously. I never understood why they'd work out such great lore, backstory and CGI promotional scenes, then dumb down their work with endless joke quests and painfully simplified, stale mechanics.
@ Nicholas

I would instantly re-purchase the game AND resub for a full year if Blizzard gave us a revamped engine with new graphics. Same art/style but better models/animations/environments.
I've enjoyed the Legion mechanics that have allowed me to participate in challenging team based content particularly the mythic dungeons with a minimum time commitment. From the looks of things the next expansion will bring more of the same so I am in.
I guess what we're seeing here is how good Legion really is. Hard to follow with something truy exciting.

Most of the people I know are more like "meh" about BfA. I like what was presented and think we'll get solid gameplay again (don't care about RTS stuff and will probably ignore it like I ignore pet battles and pvp).
Same here, almost zero interest. Neither the zones, nor the Alliance vs Horde conflict really kicks me off. What actually PUTS me off are these timed island conquests, where a team of three plays against another. As I play a lot together with my wife, a third player would not fit our playstyle, so that island conquering will likely be content I dont play.

All in all, I would have very much preferred a fight against the void antagonists, old gods, the astral mummies etc. Maybe in a future patch.
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