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Sunday, January 07, 2018
Civilization VI

I haven't played Civilization VI yet. I am a fan of the series. But I have too many games and too little time, and I didn't want to pay full price for yet another iteration of the same game. I was still waiting for the price to come down below $30 when I got the news that the full Civ 6 game has been ported to iOS. Yes, you need a newer iPad to play and it is battery-hungry, but it is the *full* Civ 6, not a toned down mobile version. That is pretty remarkable. So I downloaded the game for free, which lets you play 60 turns with the Chinese empire to see how it works. And then I balked at buying the full version for $60. I didn't even want to pay that for the PC version, and for an iOS game that is very expensive.

So while I was still pondering what to do, I got another piece of news: You can this month get Civilization VI (PC version) plus 2 expansions plus a collection of other games in the Humble Bundle Monthly for $12. That is basically a subscription service where you pay $12 per month to get a bundle of games every month. But if you only want Civ 6 you can of course unsubscribe after 1 month. As this is the lowest I have ever seen Civ 6 go for, I ended up buying the game that way.

Not sure when I will get around to actually play it, I am still very busy with Zelda - Breath of the Wild. But as an opportunity to get Civ 6 cheap this is certainly worth mentioning. The offer is available until the end of the month.

I always end up enjoying 4X games a lot less than I expected to. But damn, that is an attractive price, and I do have fond memories of Civilization games from way back in the day.

Actually, in all honesty, I'm pretty sure I have fond memories of playing pirated copies of Civilization games way back in the day, so I should probably buy one now that I'm an employed adult. :-)
Do you think you will continue with Humble Monthly after February? I am a big fan even though I don't have time to play most of the games I get. It satisfies any itch I have to indulge in loot boxes because I get my own loot box of games every month. It also solves the selection problem for me because I get a curated selection of games every month so there is always something there worth playing if I get bored. In fact Humble Monthly has totally changed my game purchasing habits. I still buy the occasional AAA title because they are less likely to turn up in a monthly but I don't buy indie or AA games any more. I feel a little bad about this but I just don't have time to play any more games and the good ones almost always turn up in the monthly bundle eventually.
They are selling multi-month Humble Monthly subscriptions (I actually went for the 3-months bundle), so I'm pretty sure that will continue. There is just no saying what will be in those bundles.
I'm slightly tempted, but I know I won't really enjoy it.

Besides, I get enough games for half nothing from Humble Bundles or Gog / Steam sales that I don't have time to play them all. (Including a bunch of previous Civs that I never play...)
Don't even start to play it if you value your sleep. (perhaps true for any iteration of Civ)

By the way, there are some significant changes from previous iterations, most of them in city-building and the government system.
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