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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Dice Brawl: Captain’s League

I have a strange fascination with the game Monopoly, must be some memory of my childhood where games weren’t as plentiful as today. But somehow the various computer versions of Monopoly never really excited me. But now I found a nice little game on iOS called Dice Brawl: Captain’s League, which is basically a pirate themed Monopoly on speed, and it is fun.

The board is much smaller, and there are only two players. It is styled as PvP, but the opponent always reacts so fast, and never quits, that I suspect it is fake PvP against an AI controlled opponent just using the name and deck of another player. That is pretty much the only sort of PvP I like. So just like in Monopoly you roll two dice, move around the board, and if you land on an empty spot you can build a fortress there. If you land on your own fortress you can increase its level. If you land on an enemy fortress, you take damage, but then you can try to attack it and conquer it. The player with the most fortresses after 8 turns wins, unless a player gets killed in combat earlier.

This being a mobile game, it comes free but then uses the Gacha game or lootbox mechanic. In the lootboxes you find captains, ships, and crew members of various rarities. By finding more of the same card, you can level that card up. And the various cards have skills which you can then use in battle. The obvious idea is that you spend money to buy lootboxes, but I found the game well playable without doing so.

Overall a fun little game which isn’t overly exploitive, unless you are the kind of player that easily gets sucked in by lootboxes.

If it is vs.AI I might give it a try, as PvP matchmaking (or rather abusing it) is an issue with most other games. My current pet peeve is Phone Destroyer, where the dubious matchmaking is killing any joy.
I tried this game due to pirate wars closing (still very saddened). Thanks for the bluestacksguides to be able to DL it. Took me a moment getting use to but great game all and all. Would be better if you could vs at least two other players for competition rather than one. Still getting use to it. But great game :) Edit: I can no longer play. I'm being told to update to the newer version, but there is no update for me, therefore I can not log in. I did contact customer support, hope to hear from you guys soon. Would love to be able to continue playing :)
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