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Saturday, May 05, 2018
Destiny 2 for $12

Some time ago I subscribed to the Humble Bundle Monthly to get Civ VI for $12. After one three-month subscription I unsubscribed, because I didn't like the other games I got in the bundles. But if you subscribe now, you get Destiny 2 for $12 plus whatever other games will be in the bundle in June, so I subscribed again. For just one month this time. In short, I still don't like the bundles, but I'm willing to buy one of them here and there if the headline game it has is well worth $12.

I got Destiny 1 for free on the PS3 and liked it. It is shooter meets Diablo with a bit of MMORPG mixed in. On the PC Destiny 2 isn't on Steam, but only available via the Blizzard / Activision Where it costs $60, although you can get it a lot cheaper from various key resellers. For a game that was only released last October and got a 83 Metacritic score, $12 is good value for money.

Thanks for the heads-up. Even though I get Russian prices in the Blizzard store, $12 is much cheaper.
When they had Civilization 4 for twelve bucks, a new expansion was just out.

I imagine something similar here. You get the base game but probably need dlc if you enjoy the game.
I still manage to enjoy some games without buying the DLC.
I bought Destiny 2 for funny money I got from my spare WoW gold. Still haven't gotten around to playing it!
The real trap in Destiny 2 for many folks seems to be knowing when you're actually done with the game, and when you've entered the fun-sucking treadmill in pursuit of the next shiny.

MMO veterans familiar with the concepts of intrinsic/extrinsic rewards and able to recognize skinner box mechanics will probably identify that 'fun ends here' point faster than others.

Hint: It's not many hours in. A dozen at absolute best. Not bad value for twelve bucks, though.

I came here today thanks to a link from your autistic "friend" in futile search for more insights into his messed up head, unfortunately you look like a very stable and functional individual so no help here.

Therefore I have read only a few of your blog posts but I have a nagging suspicion you don't know about the certain function of Humble monthly namely "pausing". Let's explain it thought example:
1. Tempted by 25$ shop credit, for those sweet sweet dlc, you buy 12 months today.
2. You automatically unlock this month bundle getting Destiny 2 instantly and the rest of the loot box at 1st may*.
2.1 Humble automatically switch your plan to monthly after buying a year so don't sweat it that you will forget in a year and get billed for 12 months again.
3. You do own now 11 "monthly" tokens. Tokens are used up when any of the fallowing happens but not more than one time per bundle.
3.1 At the last friday of the month.*
3.2 At the first friday of the month. When hidden games are uncovered, Yikes.
3.3 When you unpause subscription.*
4. Unfortunately next bundle early unlock is Senran Kagura:Peach Beach Splash, and angry at this shameful display of corporate greed ruining great** series you decide to avoid having it in any library.
5 You revel in a fact that since you haven't yet spent your token you can pause subscription for that month, Avoiding unwanted games have a cost of relinquishing your access to humble trove (srs they have x-wing titles and torchlights) and 10% discount in shop.
5.1 You click on your account name, next to thunderbolt icon in top right corner.
5.2 You click on settings
5.3 You click on cancel my plan, 2nd column 6th row goint from top
5.4 You click on "pause instead" in pop-up menu that will show up.
5.5 You click on "yes I am sure" and rest assured that was the last click.
5.6 You remember to repeat the process after the new month starts but the bundle having yet landed (look 3.2)

*You can still ask support to pause for that month.
** Haven't really played any of them, seems to be one of those: Came for the boobs, stay for the gameplay/plot situation though.

P.S. You have no excuse now. You have to play Dark souls especially since 3rd is the most accesible of all of them and first of them to have mouse and keyboard support, well the one that works anyway. Just remember to read item discriptions think about why those enemies/items/traps/enviroment/songs are there. Difficulty of fights is variable and depends on what kind of character you are playing (you can reset your "talents" up to 5 times/run), pyromancer/sorcerer being the easiest ones fallowed by straight up tank.
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