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Friday, July 06, 2018
Have I got a deal for you!

A goblin working for Blizzard sent me a mail encouraging me to exchange my gold for WoW tokens and play again. Seeing how little use I made of previous offers of 7 free days and the Battle for Azeroth beta test, I don't think I will. Even if the gold will become effectively useless once the expansion comes out, because you can't buy expansions with gold. Which makes me wonder whether my gold will be good when Blizzard finally releases their vanilla WoW nostalgia servers, or whether those need an expansion pack as well to play.

You can buy BfA with gold. Buy tokens with gold, convert token to balance, buy expansion with balance.
You will need around a million gold to do that (A very rough check), but it certainly is possible.
Oh, I didn't know you could convert token to balance now.
Yeah the converting to bnet balance has allowed me to buy Destiny 2 twice, get the Diablo 3 necromancer, and preorder BfA all for free, along with a bunch of race changes and such for WoW. Definitely recommend!
> preorder BfA all for free

Not exactly, you pay gold, and you need to play a lot to get gold. Time is not free you know.
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