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Thursday, July 19, 2018
Magic the Gathering Arena beta codes

Some years ago Wizards of the Coast published an article describing psychological profiles of Magic the Gathering players they called Timmy, Johnny and Spike. Basically Timmy and Johnny are more casual players, and there are far more of them than Spikes, who are tournament players. Now if you would make an online digital version of Magic the Gathering, which of those populations would you target? Obviously it should be all three, with special care being taken in attracting the more numerous casual players, like Hearthstone does. But instead WotC ditched the more Timmy & Johnny friendly Magic Duels and created Magic Arena, a game exclusuvely targeted at Spike players.

Me being very much a Johnny player, I totally hate Magic Arena. And with all I know about the online games market I would say that unless the game changes direction radically, it will be a flop. But as I have been playing lots of WotC games, I did get access to the closed beta. And now I received 5 more closed beta access codes, which I am going to post below to let you see for yourself. Please, if you use one of these codes, write a comment stating which one is taken, so that others don’t need to try out all of them to find an un-used one.

Here are the Magic Arena beta access codes:

I think all the codes are used now (I just tried all of them).
Shame these got snatched up, but I guess I am late.

Then again, while I enjoy Magic as a diversion I am not a HUGE magic player so I suppose I can live and if a huge fan got one first that's probably better anyway. Sad to hear it caters primarily to spikes too.
I wonder if some bot “harvested” those codes or what. No idea why the people who grabbed them didn’t leave a word. How rude!
cyy-zwm3-4u4 I just claimed this one
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