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Thursday, August 09, 2018
D&D on US national TV

Just as an addendum to the previous post, I just saw in the news today that The Late Show with Stephen Colbert featured an interview with Joe Manganiello, in which the two talked for 10 minutes about how great Dungeons & Dragons is. In case you had any doubt, D&D has really gone mainstream. You can get a late show host and an actor talking about the game in a way that shows that both are serious players and appreciate the culture. Instead of just making fun of the nerdier aspects of geek culture, the two are celebrating it on national TV. Way to go, D&D!


Stephen is such a fake geek news host though, his favorite module was Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. Come on, seriously? That drek? Get that UFO nonsense out of here!
It's kind of depressing that the very first comment in a story about D&D becoming mainstream is someone getting all elitist about it. Not surprising though.
Stephen Colbert is a far left hatemonger. He is just as mainstream as Alex Jones.
Well, Alex Jones just got lots of content removed from video websites like Vimeo. Meanwhile Stephen Colbert is mainstream by the definition of "mainstream is what I'll see when I turn on the TV". He is to the left of the current US government, but to the right of real leftists, like Jeremy Corbyn, so I wouldn't call him "far left". If you wanted to compare him to somebody on the right, Hannity would be closer to the truth.

However I fail to see what Stephen Colbert's political opinion has to do with him liking Dungeons & Dragons. As far as I know the right has stopped condemning D&D as satanist, and the game is now rather apolitical.
@Tobold: he has no "political opinion". He posts random hate and conspiracy theories without any facts or arguments. He is no Maddow or Dana Bash.

My point is that him playing D&D is just as good news for D&D as Alex Jones or David Duke playing.
My point is that him playing D&D is just as good news for D&D as Alex Jones or David Duke playing.

I don't think so. The average US college kid is a) having the exactly same leftish views as Stephen Colbert and is b) the typical target audience for a game like Dungeons & Dragons.
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