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Monday, September 17, 2018
Destiny 2 is Pay2Win

I'm joking. Mostly. The term Pay2Win has been misused so much, that it has become nearly meaningless. So when I made an observation of facts in Destiny 2, I couldn't really tell who would consider that as Pay2Win, and who wouldn't.

The fact is that if I enter a PvP ("Crucible") match today in Destiny 2, I am a burden to my team because I am only level 20. This is because I only have the basic version of the game. If I wanted to achieve a higher level, there is nothing in-game that I can do. I need to pull out my wallet and buy the DLCs and Forsaken expansion. Thus only if I pay, I could possibly "win" in PvP.

Of course that is the same as with any MMORPG in which expansions increase the level cap. If you don't buy the expansion, you can't level up. And if you can't level up, you can't compete. Kudos to Blizzard for at least making all expansions before the current one free. For Destiny 2 you can't even use the Forsaken expansion if you haven't bought the two previous DLCs, which is why there is a "legendary edition" which contains everything. Many people would not consider this "Pay2Win", because DLCs and expansions are primarily sold as being additional game content, the level cap rise is secondary.

While I enjoy a bit of shooter gameplay from time to time, I am neither very good nor very interested in PvP, or "winning" this sort of game in general. My initial interest in Destiny 2 was low, and I only ended up buying it because of a $12 deal from Humble Bundle Monthly. Buying the $20 DLCs or $60 "legendary edition" of the expansion doesn't really make sense for me. I finished the main story, but I can still do some "adventures" or just do some open world content when I feel like shooting some aliens. I don't know how many hours I played Destiny 2 (there is no internal system to determine /played time, and the external websites that offer it don't appear to work for me now), but I guess I played the game enough to consider the $12 I paid to be not wasted.

After playing so many MMORPGs and expansions, I am a bit weary of full-price expansions. By definition an expansion isn't a new game, but just more content for something you already played. There is a high risk that paying the price of a full game for an expansion ends up being bad value for money. But as people get attached to their characters and want to progress them further, they are willing to pay for that further progress, more than just for the new content. So in a way Pay2Win isn't a completely inaccurate description of the situation.

Well unless it has changed since I stopped playing your level does not matter in standard pvp.

Outside of Trials or Iron Banner your level is normalized so even a level 1 player does the same damage as a level capped player.
Actually I seem to remember that when Lich King was released you still had to buy the original as well as Burning Crusade. It wasn't until Cataclysm that there were too many expansions for people to justify the cost. Also if you look at it a person doesn't pay anything beyond the cost of purchasing the game which comes out to about $5/mo rather than the $12-$15 that you pay to subscribe to other MMO's. Even going with an F2P like SWTOR if you want the time to play regularly you pay almost as much.
Even without level cap rising expansion pretty much always re-shape PvP with new content - like in Guild Wars 2.

Even though in pvp there everyone is equal level, you technically could only play in PvP somewhat competitively there with about 1-2 "core" specializations; the rest are overshadowed by all the new ones to the point of uselessness.

But outside of PvP expansions are just more story content and gear grinds.
I love Destiny 1 and 2 but outside of strikes I've never tried any other MP element (never run any of the hard raids and dabbled only briefly in the PVP, which I found in the first game not to my taste). No plans to change that; it's a different game from the one I enjoy.
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