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Wednesday, September 26, 2018
For a good cause

I don't ask for money very often on this blog. Today is an exception. The role-playing club Saigneurs Du Chaos, of which I am a member, has started a crowdfunding on GameOn to pay for renovations of the house we play in. The owner of the house is willing to let the club have the house, if we pay for the necessary renovations. Already having a house to play in, instead of the back of a friendly local games store, is pretty nice for a role-playing club. And I don't know any other role-playing clubs having their own house. So we are collecting money by crowdfunding, to make this dream come true.

I understand that this isn't really a crowdfunding project with a lot of appeal to people other than members of the club. The project is in French, so most backer rewards aren't much use to the non-French speaking rest of the world. And backer rewards like 1 year or lifetime membership obviously make sense only if you live in Belgium. But any donations would be appreciated!

Who pays for the maintenance of this house? And it's taxes, utilities, etc?

By "Have the house" I assume you mean "Let you play there if you somehow manage to crowdsource the money to do needed repairs without ever owning the house."
No, we would completely own the house, and have to pay for everything.
Oh, Ok. I should have clicked the link first. The group (The Chaos Gators.) appears capable of performing the required management, so it could work.

I have some experience with non profits operating buildings they own, so the first things I thought of were the laundry list of what can go wrong! I certainly wish you Gators (Of type Chaos.) luck with this!
All your neighbours will assume you are converting it into a dungeon!
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