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Friday, October 26, 2018
A lot of Dungeons & Dragons

I played a lot of Dungeons & Dragons during the 80's and 90's. Then I had a forced break, when I moved to another country for work, and didn't have anybody to play with. I restarted about a decade ago with new friends I made, playing about twice a month. And then I discovered a local role-playing club, and have become increasingly involved there. So now I am back to playing a *lot* of D&D.

As a DM I was running up to three campaigns in parallel. One at home with my friends, using the Princes of the Apocalypse book; but I think everybody forgot everything about that story, and we are just running it as a large dungeon crawl. I would like to stop DMing that, and play as a player instead, but it isn't so easy to find a replacement DM. The second campaign uses the Out of the Abyss book, which is one of the more complicated campaigns in the 5th edition material; we are already over half way through, but will make a pause so that another player can run his campaign. The third campaign I am running is called Ruins of Engorath, and isn't an official campaign at all. It is more of a specific mode of play in our role-playing club, where every session represents an expedition into the ruins, played with a different DM and a different group of players. Each DM has his own part of the ruins to run, and the players move from one game to the next. Again there isn't much of a story, and more of collection of different styles of dungeon crawls, with every DM having his own style.

As a player I am currently playing a dwarf cleric in a self-made campaign playing in the fantasy world of Balaia, from the Chronicles of the Raven novels. In another self-made campaign I play an anti-hero bard in the fantasy world of The Witcher. And I am playing a halfling barbarian in the Ruins of Engorath game, when I'm not the DM. If my Princes of the Apocalypse group finds another DM, I will play another bard there, more of a classic "lore" bard. Soon my Out of Abyss group will play Tomb of Annihilation with one of my current players as DM, and I will play a tabaxi paladin in that campaign. Actually we were told to make two characters, because the campaign is kind of lethal, so I also made a tabaxi rogue, the sister of the paladin. The (tragic) story is that the paladin is looking for his sister, so if he dies during that search the group will then suddenly find the sister, who will join the group. I also signed up for a campaign of the new Waterdeep Dragon Heist book, but don't know when that will start and what I will play.

So the idea is that due to me currently being very busy at work, I will do less DMing, and more playing next year, which requires less preparation. I still will run the occasional Ruins of Engorath dungeon. And if I have more time, I might run a 5th edition conversion of the Zeitgeist Adventure Path, or rather the first two adventures of it. I already played those with my home group in 4th edition, and can reuse the maps and tokens, so it is less work to prepare.


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