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Sunday, October 28, 2018
Tavern-Born™: Pintsized Realms - 3D Printable Kingdoms

Just to let you know, I just backed a Kickstarter Project called Tavern-Born™: Pintsized Realms - 3D Printable Kingdoms. Basically it is a step up from the dungeon tiles I use, a tile set that allows you to 3D print overland maps of villages, towns, or wilderness. One tile of 5 cm x 5 cm (2" x 2") represents something like a section of a village with two or three houses on, or the village square, so the scale is obviously much smaller than that of the dungeon tiles. Not to be used with miniatures, but for overland travel. I think the wilderness tiles would work out well for a hex crawl (or in this case square crawl) type of gameplay.

My only reservation is that I don't paint the tiles and miniatures I print, except for painting the water tiles blue. So I am not sure how good this will look in mono-color.


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