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Saturday, December 22, 2018
A different Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Would you play Assassin's Creed Odyssey if it had turn-based combat? Maybe with trading cards? My guess is that this would be a serious turn-off for many of the millions of people who bought the game, especially the console versions. But me, I looked at the Steam sale for Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and decided not to buy it because it *didn't* have turn-based combat. I really liked the ancient Greek setting, and the visuals of the large world to explore, but ultimately one spends just too much time in these games in combat for me to be able to ignore that I don't like button mashing.

That isn't just a matter of me being bad at action combat. I mean, yes, I am not great at it, but that can probably be remedied by playing at easy or normal difficulty level instead of hard or nightmare. The problem is more that I enjoy making clever tactical moves in a turn-based game, but in an action game these either aren't available, or rely on you being able to press a button sequence with split second accuracy, not on out-thinking the enemy.

So I ended up buying Dragon Quest XI and Battletech at that Steam winter sale instead. But I really liked the idea of game companies releasing different versions of their big open world exploration games with different types of combat. Too bad nobody does that.

Artifact very much feels like a card game version of a moba, so maybe there is somebody out there doing that sort of thing.
The problem is how you can seamlessly go from a realistic real-time 3D open world to turn-based combat of some sort.

Games like Might & Magic (6-9) or Wizardry 8 sort of do it, but they are basically 'blobbers' with a real-time veneer. I guess an ARPG could have the option of turning into roguelike combat. X-Com games have had real-time or turn-based options. But all must compromise on the non-combat world in order to support this option.
I concede that except for a couple titles like X-Com, other....if I see "Turn Based" or "4X" in the descriptors I pass.
I would argue that AC-O can almost be played like a turn-based game. If you customize your character as either an assasin or a hunter, you basically can stategically set yourself up to only doing one-shot kills while not being detected. Especially as a hunter. Now, there will be the occasional ‘boss-style’ fight that requires multiple hits, but even those can be planned and staged around terrain / buildings to stay far from twitch-type combat. It’s the way I played it and I liked it a lot.
AC-O on easy mode is a relaxing journey through a fully realized world. It plays like a solo mmorpg. You should try it.
I know over the years I've tried many of your suggestions Tobold and absolutely never have you been wrong in your recommendation of a game. Of course that only means we both like the same kind of games which I intend to fully take advantage of since I follow your blog.

"A Tale in the Desert" that was a great find thanks to you.
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