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Thursday, January 03, 2019
My light tanks

I have improved my light tank gameplay in World of Tanks up to the point where I now reached the 15th and last mission in the first light tank campaign. That involved me realizing my limitations: I am not a very fast player, and if I run around in a light tank at full speed, I can't simultaneously aim and shoot very well. And the autoaim isn't working that well in that situation either. So how did I do the campaign missions which require me to do damage? By switching to the French light tank line, which for some reason I already had previously unlocked, but not used much.

The tier V French light tank AMX ELC bis is basically a tank destroyer in disguise. Not so good for zipping around, but excellent for hiding in a bush and sniping at enemy tanks. For comparison, the Russian tier V light tank T-50 with regular ammo has an armor penetration of 90, and deals 70 damage per shot. The French AMX ELC bis has an armor penetration of 120 and deals 240 points of damage. The T-50 reloads *much* faster and thus has in fact the higher damage per minute. But that would mean sticking around to shoot repeatedly, which a light tank can't do while stationary. So because I can't drive and shoot simultaneously, the AMX ELC bis is the better option for me.

For the later campaign missions I switched to higher tier French light tanks, the Bat.-Ch√Ętillon at tier VIII and the AMX 13 90 at tier IX. That was simply because those missions required a certain amount of damage from allies and/or me. And damage numbers are automatically much higher at higher tiers. For the last mission I need to do or assist with an overall 3,000 damage in one battle, which will require some luck.

So I already started on the medium tank campaign, with the Russian medium tanks. Very different gameplay than the light tanks, and I am still far from mastering this. I'll keep learning, and that is fun.


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