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Saturday, January 26, 2019
World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks is a difficult game to do well in. Not only is it very complex, and the game doesn't tell you half of what you need to know, but also the player base is rather experienced. I'm doing okay, with a winrate just under 49%, but I am far from being one of the good players. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that all those players posting replays of great games on YouTube are selectively only posting their best games, and fail to mention the games in which they didn't achieve much. Anyway, following the advice of one of my commenters, Klievhelm, I tried out World of Tanks Blitz on Steam instead.

Oh my god! Although I have never played World of Tanks Blitz (I tried out the mobile version for 5 minutes before giving up on the touch screen joystick controls), my mediocre knowledge of how to play regular World of Tanks makes me an absolute super hero in World of Tanks Blitz. At least on tiers I to IV, because I haven't gotten any further yet. But while in regular World of Tanks all the enemy players are always hidden behind terrain and have only their hardest to penetrate parts sticking our, in World of Tanks people just stay in the middle of the field and don't move at all, just turn their turret. If I hide my tank in a bush, they never find me, and just stand there until I kill them. I already have finished several games in which I did 4 kills, which is pretty astounding in a 7 vs. 7 game.

Apparently the Steam version of World of Tanks Blitz is connected to the mobile version and maybe those mobile players just don't have the good controls. But compared to regular World of Tanks, the Blitz version feels like shooting fish in a barrel. I actually think I won't play that very long, because it risks diminishing my skills in the full game.


Glad Blitz made a good first impression. The lower tiers are very unpredictable. Often people seem totally lost. If it’s staying fun, I’d at least try for tier 7 to get a better idea of the skill cap on players. The smaller team size and greater mobility across the map makes it a lot more feasible to carry a game, which is always satisfying.

If nothing else, it’s interesting to compare the different choices WG made in the two games, like matchmaking, prammo damage, being able to see penetration chance, tank weak spots, and so forth.
Because of you i am now playing World of Tank Blitz on Steam. I found WoT to be too hard because of the player base but Blitz is fast, fun and i can get a few kills per game even if i my team lose.
Are you sure those are actual players? They could just as easily be replacing the 'enemy team' with useless AI bots as well. How would you know the difference?
Tried WoT but I found playing tanks in War Thunder more enjoyable, but that's just me.
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