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Thursday, February 07, 2019

I just collected the 50th "China Token" in the Lunar New Year celebration of World of Tanks. I'll need 75 of those to get the reward, but as I have time until March 1st, that shouldn't be a problem. Otherwise the China tokens are proof that I don't always totally suck at play WoT: You need not only to win a game in a Chinese tank to get them, but also be among the top 10 players of your team.

Now this week patch 1.4 came to World of Tanks, which meant I had to reinstall all my mods. Instead of doing so one by one, I went with the best-knows mod pack, from Aslain. As part of that, I now also see not just my over WN8 rating, but the WN8 performance in each individual battle. And those data paint the same picture as my China tokens: Sometimes I am doing quite well, with a blue WN8 rating, a China token, and even coming in the top 3 of my team. And in other games I don't manage to get a single shot in before exploding.

I'm still watching YouTube videos about World of Tanks, trying to learn and improve my gameplay. However many of those videos just pretend to be guides, but are in reality just replays of some of the games that went exceptionally well for the YouTuber in question. While I am too old-fashioned to switch from blogging to YouTubing, I'm pretty certain I could create pretty much the same videos from my exceptional games. However I don't know how to consistently reproduce those exceptional results, and I suspect the same is true for those YouTubers.

In the end I learn the most in the games where I died, but could identify what mistake I made. I wish there were more videos about games going badly on YouTube.


Streams on YouTube or Twitch can give a better idea of consistency. The time requirement is a lot higher, but it works pretty well to jump around in a pre-recorded stream.
Check out Zeven on YouTube. He is an excellent player in general, but most of his videos are in-depth critiques of other player's replays. Very informative.
Zeven is an excellent source of how to play better. My second favorite YouTube videos come from LemmingRush. LemmingRush is even more skilled than Zeven but plays for damage instead of wins giving him an insanely high WN8 rate. He also likes to use sarcasm in a very even toned voice which can be confusing until you get to know him. Here is an example of live play where he is describing what he is thinking as he plays He also has a Twitch account where you can watch him and see how even on his bad days he is nearly always above 2000 WN8 if you think he is just cherry picking his YouTube videos.
I second lemming rush. Also I see turkeytank recommend alot. Try not to focus on a match win8 instead look at your average of the last 100 that is closer to what you currently are. That's what I check.
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