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Tuesday, April 09, 2019
World of Tanks now with more win for your pay

Something you don't often see, Wargaming announced that with patch 1.5 premium account holders would still pay the same, but get a bunch more benefits. You get more experience point bonuses, more credits, additional daily missions, and a bonus for playing with friends in a platoon. You also get to blacklist one additional map you don't like.

I assume that the idea is to get more free players to convert to paying customers. We will have to see whether that works.


From the link you provided:

For example, if you earned 10,000 credits in a battle, your vault will receive 1,000 thanks to the 10% bonus. Within a week, you can accumulate a maximum of 750,000 Credits in the vault.

How many battles does someone have to play in order to earn that maximum of 750K bonus credits?

People pay a Premium Sub so they don't have to grind like the free players, right? So will they end up having to play more games to maximize said incentives, and will the end result be that they will now spend more "time" actually playing the game..negating the reason they pay for the Premium Account in the first place?
Well, 10% credits is 10% more credits, even if you only play a single battle in that week. The 750K is really just a maximum, you aren't required or expected to reach it every week.

To answer your question, I would estimate I make 50k credits base in a battle, which would mean 5k into the "piggy bank", and 150 battles per week to fill it. With an average duration of 5 minutes per battle, that ends up being 7.5 hours per week. A MMORPG player would hardly consider that a grind. :)

I would define "grind" as playing a part of the game in a way that isn't much fun, in order to gain some reward. The "grind" of World of Tanks is usually playing some tank you don't much care for in order to unlock the tanks behind it in the tech tree, or to play with a tank with bad stock equipment in order to gain xp and credits for better equipment for that tank. The Premium Account helps with both of those.
I do like the changes. Now only hoping for a "ban a tank per tier" option ;-)
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