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Sunday, June 02, 2019
Prime triangle

I have an Amazon Prime subscription. I like it, because it gives me another Netflix-like video streaming service with a different selection of films, bundled together with free fast shipping from Amazon. So I have been subscribed to Amazon Prime for years. World of Tanks I have only been playing again since Christmas. And since the start of this year, World of Tanks has been in a partnership with Twitch Prime: If you have a Twitch Prime subscription, you get World of Tanks goodies every month, in so-called care packages at the last day of each month.

Now up to then I didn't have a Twitch Prime account. Before World of Tanks I never watched Twitch. However since then I found that some Twitch streams of World of Tanks are more interesting to me than YouTube videos, because the YouTube videos are carefully selected "best" games, and edited. A live Twitch scream shows you that even a top ranked player sometimes makes stupid mistakes, or ends up in a very bad team and loses the game. I feel I learn more when I watch a good player in an average, un-edited game than when I watch him in this once-per-week game in which he manages to kill 10+ tanks. But as you don't need a Twitch Prime subscription to watch games on Twitch, there isn't really a good reason to pay money for Twitch Prime.

The good news is that I didn't have to. Because Amazon owns Twitch, and if you have Amazon Prime, you get Twitch Prime for free. Which means that because I have Amazon Prime, I get the monthly care package in World of Tanks for free. In the latest care package, Echo, there was something special: A tier 7 premium heavy tank, the King Tiger (captured). Apparently that only works as long as you are subscribed to Twitch Prime, if you cancel that subscription you King Tiger becomes inaccessible. But that is obviously not a problem for me anyway, because I plan to continue subscribing to Amazon Prime regardless of World of Tanks. So now I have a rather nice heavy tank, with a good commander, Hank "The Tank" Morgan, and a bunch of special missions this month to get oodles of experience points and build up the rest of the crew. While the previous care packages had useful stuff like consumables, a bit of gold, or a day of premium account, getting a premium tank is way more valuable. And all that for free, if you already have Amazon Prime. Nice!


If you regularly watch certain streamers, do not forget to support them by subscribing to at least one of them a month with your free amazon/twitch subscription.
What Joe said. You could also allow ads on the specific streamers Twitch page through your ad blocker if you have one.

Lots of people forget ads are important to Twitch streamers as well.
The free games and goodies with Twitch Prime are a nice bonus to having Amazon Prime/Prime Video, too.
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