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Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Failed Wisdom Check

You probably know the feeling when a song gets stuck in your head, and the track plays over and over in your mind. I do get something similar with games, where I suddenly can’r stop thinking about a particular game anymore. Unfortunately in this case the game is Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the one where I forgot to pack the game cartridge for my Switch into my holiday baggage. My first solution was to watch more Let’s Play videos on Twitch and YouTube, but that didn’t really scratch the itch. And unlike World of Tanks, where I feel that watching a good player stream his games teaches me things like where to go with a certain tank type on a certain map, I didn’t feel like watching people play Zelda was teaching me anything.

The game of “Real Life” is another open world game, with great graphics but sometimes somewhat grindy gameplay. But I have been fortunate and/or skilled enough in “Real Life” to reach the stage where money isn’t a constant worry anymore. People still disagree whether that is a win condition. In any case it teaches you that in fact the problems in life that you can solve by throwing a bit of money at them are in fact the easier ones. So I decided to solve my Zelda problem with a bit of money, and just bought the game again, this time the downloadable version instead of the physical cartridge. The Switch was playing nice, and kept the download reasonable, probably because the game was already installed from cartridge.

So now I started playing Breath of the Wild again, starting over from the beginning. My plan is to follow the main story only as far as needed to get the main abilities and then to concentrate on exploring, gathering, and crafting. For example I never got all the Korok seeds in my first playthrough. There is obviously a risk that I get bored again of the game in a few days and wasted 70 Euro, but right now I don’t mind.

I just spent 65 eur today to do silly things with my kids. Your 70 eur will last longer and provide more fun than mine, which where a total rape just because we are on holidays and everything costs like hell here...
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