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Thursday, August 08, 2019
World of Tanks - Czech Holidays

In order to make World of Tanks more interesting, Wargaming is running events. Permanently. You can't actually log into the game and find that there is no event going on, there is always *something*. However many of those events are kind of forgettable. You have to fulfill a minor requirement, like being among the top 10 players on your team (which, out of 15, isn't much), and get some minor reward like double crew xp for that battle. Often you get an event reward without even having read what the requirements were, because you don't have to do anything special. So in my mind events are just some free rewards added onto my regular gameplay.

But for World of Tanks' 9th anniversary Wargaming released both a big patch, 1.6, and a series of larger events, starting with something called the Czech Holidays. And that event comes with a twist: There are two different sets of event missions; one you can do with any tank from wide range of tiers, the other set requires you to play a specific tank, the Skoda T 27. Which is a premium tank, that would cost you at least €35.78 (you can buy it in a bundle with other stuff for up to €99.99). If you do the event missions with any old tank, you get some rewards. If you do the missions with a Skoda T 27, you get the same rewards plus some additional rewards which are much better. For example if you do the whole set of 10 missions in the Skoda T 27, you'll end up with a complete female crew with Brothers in Arms perk, several crew training manuals, half a million credits, and a bunch of other stuff.

After overcoming the first "I must buy this tank" reflex I looked a bit closer at the conditions, and the whole thing looks like a trap to me. Not just because I would need to buy that €35 tank which isn't actually all that good. But because the event is limited in time: Every day one more mission unlocks; you don't have to do that mission on that day, but if you skip a day, you'll need to do more missions on the later days. For the last mission you only have one day, because then the event ends and you can't complete it any more. And while the first missions are easy enough (earn 250 base experience twice), the last missions are actually pretty hard (be among the top 3 players on your team twice). Not impossible (even I am among the top 3 players on my team sometimes), but certainly hard to do with that specific tank if you aren't a really good player.

In the end I realized that the event was quite appropriately named, Czech Holidays. If I was still on holidays and could play several hours of World of Tanks every day, I would probably buy the Skoda T 27 and load up on tons of rewards which would then make it very easy to play through the Czech tech tree later. But as I am back to work, and just play a bit of World of Tanks in the evenings, I can't even be sure to be able to complete all the missions in a tank of my choice. If I tried it in the Skoda T 27, I would probably become very frustrated and bored of that tank by the end, being forced to play nothing else for hours. So I'm setting myself a goal to rather do the low reward path of this event, and my aim would be to complete at least mission 7 out of 10, not all 10 of them. As I said in an earlier post, setting yourself realistic goals is the way to go if you don't want World of Tanks to frustrate you. And it saves me €35.78.


Sounds like you made your wisdom check this time! :-)
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