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Monday, November 11, 2019
Shooter advice?

I am not very good at playing shooter games, and I don't very often play them. However, from time to time I quite enjoy the gameplay of a good shooter. So now that I have access to a bundle of different games with the Xbox Game Pass for PC, I tried out Gears of War 4. And I didn't like it. Well, I did like the 3rd person shooter perspective, as it causes me less nausea problems than some of the first person shooter games (I can't play any of the Far Cry games without getting nauseous). But I didn't like the heavily scripted, linear, shooting gallery gameplay.

I prefer "looter shooter" games, with more open world exploration, and less scripting. I much liked the Borderlands series of games, found the two Destiny games okay, but didn't overly like The Division. I didn't try Warframe, because I prefer games that are designed to be played solo. So I was wondering whether anyone could recommend me a Borderlands-like looter shooter with third-person view. One obvious candidate would be Borderlands 3, but I'm waiting for Google Stadia to play that, or alternatively for the release on Steam.

Are you a Stadia early adopter ? I didn't remember you talking about that here.
Nothing but Division 2 comes to mind. The game feels more alive this time because there are checkpoints and you can help those who have survived the plague. Still beats me though why there are so many people around.

Have you tried Survival mode in Division 1? It's like a different game. Very atmospheric.

I've also played Destiny 2 but apart from playing the brief story the game feels shallow.
@GoA: I just signed up for the Google Stadia Premiere Edition for €129. Not cheap, but I guess if I don't like it, I can use the wireless controller and the Chromecast Ultra for other things than just Google Stadia. I'll write more once I actually get the goods.
Just Cause 3. It is and over the top open world third person shooter where you can walk, run, drive, fly, parachute or grapple you way to just about anywhere in the game and wreak mayhem. The plot is absurd as is much of the game play but it is a whole lot of fun. You need to play thorough some missions to unlock various regions in the game but there is also a lot of open world stuff to do too. It has some performance issues when it first came out but it should be fie on a modern system. Just Cause 2 is pretty good as well.
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You could play Enderal: The Forgotten Stories and focus on using a bow or magic? It's free on steam! :P

Or maybe one of the Fallout games?

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For what it's worth you can play tons of Warframe for free. The first few starting planets are pretty easy to do solo except for a couple of the boss encounters. And those are also easy if you actually know what to do.

I spent about 15 hours in the game and enjoyed what I played of it. I dropped it because once you've seen the first few planets and experienced different frames you've basically seen the entire gameplay loop the game is built on and didn't feel like investing more time.
The Division 2 would be perfect for you. Great graphics, loot, great combat, skills, progression, 3rd person. I've played both 1 and 2.
Sniper elite 4.

I like your reviews of shooters (And games in general) as, much like you, I am more mature, have slower reaction times, am not a big fan of mulriplayer shooters and enjoy strategic gameplay.

Having tried and enjoyed many of the same games you have recommended I think our taste is somewhat similar.

I believe SE4 is on xbox gamepass and I enjoyed many hours playing around in the various maps and modes.

Might be worth a look.
I'd second what Bigeye said.
Warframe... I dunno, I don't think it's designed for multiplayer for most of it. It's much better solo, especially if you're discovering things for the first time. Maybe once you reach the extreme endgame, where you're an unkillable death god in all the non-endgame activities so you sign up for some stuff that will hand your ass to you for phat loot/to let you actually feel something, but up until that point, it's very much a solo-designed game.

No-one can ever 'steal your loot,' so mostly randoms are fairly harmless presences that will probably tear off to complete the objective without you... the only real negative comes in the form of every run (until the most extreme difficulties) being more of a competition between you and the others to actually get a kill in.

This is on account of how Warframe allows you to over-power up so absurdly that some builds are map-clearing monstrosities that can even prevent fellow players from seeing anything more than the steam rising off the corpses of enemies that died three rooms before you got there.

I loathe most forced-multiplayer activities, but in Warframe, even though I very rarely play and am not kept up with the Joneses, I don't mind so much having someone else nearby when it's mostly-silent randoms helping me survive the brutal ass-kicking I signed myself up for.
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