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Wednesday, February 12, 2020
How to cheat at Phoenix Point to make it actually easy

As I mentioned previously, the "easy" difficulty setting of Phoenix Point isn't really easy, and you can easily run into a wall and be unable to progress any further. On the positive side, Phoenix Point is a single-player offline game, which means that it isn't protected against cheating. So how can you create a game of Phoenix Point which is easy, without being trivial?

What you neat is a software called Cheat Engine 7.0. It enables you to search for values in a game, and change them. There are three types of basic resources in Phoenix point, materials, tech, and food, and they are saved in "float" format. If you know that, you can for example search for the value of your current supply of materials, then spend some materials on manufacturing something, and do a second search within the search results of the first search for the new value. That usually turns up a single address, which you can then change, and presto, unlimited amounts of materials.

While that by itself obviously already makes the game easier, the real trick comes afterwards: The reason why you can easily get stuck in Phoenix Point is that the aliens evolve with every battle you fight against them. The more you fight, the stronger they get. Cheating your supply of materials, tech, and food means you can now skip the scavenging battles. Less battles against the aliens means easier to fight aliens. To make up for the lost xp, you build 3 training centers in your home base, and then you can actually get your soldiers stronger faster than the aliens get stronger.

There is also ArtMoney. A similar program. Lots of fun was had back in the good old days.
I always appreciate how you approach gaming as entertainment and not sport.
Or you can legitimately grow large amounts of food and trade with havens.
Cheatcode is something is strongly miss in the last 10 years of gaming. Part of it is replaced by the Mod when they are supporting, and unfortunately part of them are replaced by micro DLC. But for a lot of game there is nothing that has taken the role.

Let's take Deus Ex Human Revolution : I strongly think the energy system is decreasing the fun of this game ( but maybe improve the balance/difficulty). A cheatcode would make this game so much fun to play, even if far less challenging. I tried Memory change but they have hidden the value, and I believe change dynamically the memory position to forbid this type of trickery.

Counter exemple : Cities Skyline allow to activate 'unlimited money' in the menu, combined with mods that degrade the traffic transform this game into a very fun traffic managment game.
Trainers exist for just about any big game and often allow you to change just one or two things without completely breaking a game. Check out WeMod or Mrantifun.

I have a lifetime subscription (from back when they were still selling them) to

It turns out to have been an amazing investment, and has breathed life and joy into many games whose irritations - without cheats - would have truly soured the experience of trying to play them for entertainment.

(Because for some reason game developers can have some pretty idiotic/myopic ideas about what's 'fun.')
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