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Monday, May 11, 2020
Multiplier to Berlin

After reaching stage IV of the Road of Berlin event, I thought about stopping. It took a bit over 20,000 points to get there, and a victory at tier III only gave around 66 points. The only reason I had gotten to stage IV was that there were multiplier bonuses x10 in the bundle I had bought. But I had run out of those, and getting another 15,000 points without a multiplier seemed too much of a grind.

This weekend the 4th map and final map of the event was released, Berlin itself. And it was announced that this map would in patch 1.9.1 be added to the regular game, random battles, which made it more interesting to look at. In addition they gave me five x15 multipliers for the event, one for each tank. And I had managed to pick up some tokens for more x15 multipliers by playing missions with tier VII+ tanks in random battles.

So I started the first game, got lucky that I immediately got on the Berlin map, got lucky that I was in a good team, and achieved a victory. So the Berlin map gives twice as many points as the other maps, times 15 for the multiplier, times 66 points, and suddenly I was looking at 2k points towards the 15k for stage V. Suddenly it didn't look so impossible anymore! So I played some more over the weekend, and in fact ended up finishing stage V and getting the Bounty Ventilation reward and a useless medal. Event completed, grats to me!

From a game design point of view, I found this interesting. One *could* have grinded the event without multipliers, and it would have taken bloody forever. But between the multipliers I bought in the bundle at the start of the event, the multipliers I got for free, the multipliers I earned as mission rewards in random battles, and the additional double points on the Berlin map, the event wasn't grindy at all. I only played as long as the event was fun for, not longer.


"I only played as long as the event was fun for, not longer."

So wouldn't good game design dictate that thr amount of time needed to grind it without boosts is far too long?

This is the problem I have with the way so many games are heading. They purposefully design they game poorly by creating long grinds and then turn around and sell you the solution to the problem they created.

I could give WoT a pass because its F2P but we see this trickling over to even single player games like the last Assassins Creed.
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