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Thursday, May 07, 2020
Shortcut to Berlin

After playing the Road to Berlin event / PvE mode for a while, I realized a few things: The mode is fun, but not fun forever. And to get to at least stage IV for the reward tank would just take too many games if I was playing for free. Now I could simply have bought the reward tank, but I didn't want to completely skip the event, and I wanted to get the other rewards as well. So I paid (gold equivalent to €15) for a bundle that massively sped up my progress on the Road to Berlin: It leveled up all my event tanks to the top tier III, and gave me five x10 boosters for each of them. With that I was already able to reach stage IV today, no problem.

I might give stage V a miss, as it takes nearly as long as all the previous stages together, and I don't want to spend more gold on boosters. You can earn boosters in random battles, but unfortunately that requires you to do rather well in higher tier tanks, and it would take me a long time to earn those three daily tokens. You get one x5 booster per tank per day, but that would just give me about 1,000 points per day, and the last stage needs 15,000. It would cost about another €15 to buy enough additional x10 boosters to get to stage V, and all that for one bounty ventilation system. I can live without that reward.

I considered the bundle I bought as actually rather cheap, as it contained 30 days of WoT premium account, which alone already cost 2/3 of the price of the bundle. That is always the problem with bundles, it is very hard to judge the cost / value. I know a lot of people complaining about the "100 Euro tank", the Panzer II J. I have one, but I don't consider that it cost me 100 Euro. The tank came for free when you bought gold for 100 Euro, and I wanted that gold anyway. So is this a 100 Euro tank, or is it a free tank? Hard to say.

My main complaint about the Road to Berlin game mode is that it is only available for two weeks, but you are supposed to play hundreds of games in this mode during that time. I'd rather have a PvE mode that I play once in a while, instead of grinding it. With the bought shortcut I'm happy to have reached the point that I wanted while not playing more than I wanted. I might play a few more games once the new Berlin map is added this weekend, but otherwise I consider this event done.


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