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Friday, August 28, 2020
Random thoughts of the day

  • I own two 3D printers. Both haven't been used since the start of the corona pandemic. Social distancing has moved my Dungeons & Dragons game from a physical table to a virtual table, so I have no more need for 3D printed heroes and monsters. And in all my years of 3D printing I haven't found another major application for home 3D printing. I printed a few bits and bobs to use around the house, but not enough to keep my printer running. The only thing on my list of printing projects right now would be to design a kind of "belly stand" for resting my Switch on my belly while the power is plugged in, without the console resting on the power plug. Hardly worth getting the printer up and running again for.

"Both sides claim that if the other side wins, apocalypse looms."

It's not about what's going to happen; it's what's happening now. You just have to be minimally knowledgeable about the US to understand that the apocalypse is already on-going. One side has been enabling and accelerating it while the other is trying to fight it with the limited power they have. We can accuse them of not doing enough or some mistakes in their past, but at least they fight for democracy.

It eludes me that some people are still on the fence about it.
My point is that the other side claims exactly the same. It’s “choose your own apocalypse”, either by pandemic or by anarchy.

“It eludes me that some people are still on the fence about it.” Some people? Whoever loses this election will do so with over 40% of the votes, possibly over 45%. That is not “some people”. That is a substantial part of the electorate. And you not being able to understand why the other half of the people votes as they do is part of the problem.
The difference Tobold is that one party has a leader who is yearning to be a dictator. He is already talking about running for a third term and his many documented abuses of power shows that he isnt afraid of breaking laws and isnt interested in serving those who disagree with him.

To call the other side a vote for anarchy is completely laughable and shows ignorance to who those running on the other side are. If anything those two have been historically much closer to the ideals of a moderate then Trump is by leaps amd bounds.
Wasteland 3 is Neverwinter Nights 2 + Fallout + XCom. It's a very fun game and maybe my goty.
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