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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
The 7th Citadel

I don’t play board games as much as I used to, but I still appreciate them. So in 2015 I backed a Kickstarter project for a board game called The 7th Continent. It was supposed to be delivered in 2016, ended up a year late, but turned out to be a great game. Also, while it has been sold again on a second Kickstarter, the game is otherwise hard to get. On Amazon you can get a copy from a seller called “Rare Finds”, who is asking over 5 times the original price for it, and the prices on EBay are similar. As The 7th Continent ended up as one of the few board games my wife likes to play with me, I’m pretty happy I bought it.

Yesterday a new Kickstarter from the same people was launched, for a new but similar game called The 7th Citadel. The new game is a bit less survival, more medieval fantasy, and that suits me just fine. They learned from the first Kickstarter and now directly admit it will take 2 years to produce. But I happily prepaid €69 for a board game I’ll get in 2 years, presumably. And I didn’t seem to be the only one: The Kickstarter was funded in under half an hour, and this morning they are already way past 1 million, more than 3 times what they needed, and more than the first project got.

These games certainly aren’t for everybody, but rather for board game enthusiasts. A game takes relatively long (but there is a way to “save” and pack it up in the middle of the game), takes up a lot of space on a table, and is rather complex. But it can be played solo or with 2-4 players, has good replayability, good customer support, and a good track record of previous Kickstarter projects that actually delivered. So if a complex, rare to find board game is something that might interest you, have a look!

It appears to be available directly from their site in English and French. Only German is currently not available, but scheduled to be back for Christmas.

Do you have a different version?
Yes, the Kickstarter backers have the “Collectors Edition” with all the stretch goals. Still, I would recommend the “classic” edition at a regular price, rathef than paying far too much for the collector’s edition on eBay.
Ah yeah, sure. I was under the impression that it was a kickstarter exclusive game and now only available second-hand.
The stretch goals were already included, but they appear to be available in the store as well. So even without any exclusive content, the original collectors edition might still be a good deal at double or triple the price depending on what additional content you want to pick up.
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