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Wednesday, November 04, 2020
Buying Board Games

Inevitably, looking on the internet for board games that I could play both solo or cooperatively with my wife led to me finding a bunch of those games, and wanting to have them. The good news is that if I want to buy a bunch of board games, I can afford that sort of frivolous expenditure. Some of those purchases are going to end up under my Christmas tree, which solves a perennial problem adults have what to wish for. The not so good news is that buying a board game has a bunch of drawbacks compared to buying a computer game.

First of all, the better board games are kind of expensive. Too Many Bones was $130, Gloomhaven €136, HEXplore It: The Valley of The Dead King €97, Mage Knight $65, and LOTR - Journeys In Middle-Earth $72. As you can see, I bought some games in the USA, and some in Europe. The European prices look higher, but the shipping cost is lower, so you need to add up to $35 shipping cost to the $ prices. So, on average well over $100 per game for 5 games I ordered this year (not counting Kickstarters). And then, board games unlike computer games aren't always available. I bought the Mage Knight base game, because the ultimate edition with all expansions is currently unavailable. And I bought several games on because they weren't available in Europe.

The next big disadvantage is that this sort of board game tends to come in big and heavy boxes, and then require a lot of space to set up. As I am currently playing Too Many Bones solo, I haven't even unpacked Gloomhaven yet, because that one is really daunting, huge, and heavy. Some games, like The 7th Continent, have a "save" mechanic that makes it easy to pack up the game between play sessions. Other games you need to play at least until the end of the current chapter / scenario before you can pack it up without losing progress. And I already mentioned my lack of a suitably large gaming table.

On the positive side, board games have provided me with new projects for my 3D printing hobby. I designed my own "hidden draw" encounter deck holder for Too Many Bones, allowing me to draw the top card of the encounter deck without seeing it. And Thingiverse has lots of accessories for various board games, from various organizers or card holders, to counters, to replacement parts.

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