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Saturday, December 05, 2020
Immortals Fenyx Falling

Dear Ubisoft!

I would like to lodge a customers complaint. I went to your Ubisoft Connect store and bought the game Immortals Fenyx Rising, but what I got delivered was the game Immortals Fenyx Falling.

You see, the game I wanted was some sort of Zelda Breath of the Wild clone, a role-playing game with a large world to explore. What I got resembles that to some degree, but has large puzzle / platformer sessions that are unskippable. And in these platformer game parts, I am frequently required to double jump to get from one platform to the next. However, the double jump is not a simple double press of a button, no, far from it. You need to press the button once, then wait exactly 358 ms, then press the button again. If you wait only 357 ms and press the button again too early, you fall. If you wait 359 ms and press the button too late, you fall. And there are dozens of such jumps in every vault. So my Fenyx is falling, then falling again, then falling again. It takes me bloody forever to finish an otherwise boring vault, because I constantly fall to my death.

Now I really appreciate your thought of providing the game with several difficulty levels, the easier ones of which reduce falling damage. However, even at the easiest difficulty, I still need to time the second button press for the double jump exactly right, or I still fall, respawn, and need to try again, over and over until I finally make the jump. Have you considered changing the parameters of the jump ability in function of the difficulty level, widening the window of opportunity for that second button press and making it possible for the slower among us to succeed regularly in double jumping?

I would have liked to play Immortals Fenyx Rising. But Immortals Fenyx Falling is a very tedious game, that is no fun at all! Please provide me with the "Rising" version of the game, as soon as possible.



Few things in life make me more sad than the realities of an aging gamer.

Thank you for the heads up. I had interest in this title but will now skip.
Since it's an Ubisoft game you should always wait six months so it's 80% off...
No idea if you read comments on the older posts, but just in case -- if the problem is indeed just timing -- and if the timing is fixed -- you can use external solutions to time keypresses for you (e.g. you push one button and it pushes jump twice with the required delay between them).

One solution for this is AutoHotkey -- which is an amazing piece of software that I use extensively.
@Solf: Oh, I wasn’t even aware that existed. Does make a lot of sense, and my keyboard even has macro capabilities.
Glad to be of help :)
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