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Tuesday, January 05, 2021
One Deck Dungeon - Winziges Verlies

A reader recommended the board game One Deck Dungeon (Winziges Verlies in German) to me. I had a look on YouTube, and the game seemed interesting: The one deck of the dungeon provides you with challenges in the form of monsters and traps, which you overcome with a dice-placement mechanic. Any overcome challenge can then be transformed into an item (adding more dice), a skill (enabling you to transform dice), or xp (giving you levels, which increase the number of items and skills you can have). There are different character classes, and you can play solo or with two players.

With the game coming in a small box, I considered buying it, to take with me on holidays. Unfortunately I couldn't find the English version on Amazon, except for twice the price by some resellers. But then I discovered that the game also has digital versions, so I bought the iOS version, which cost €3.49 instead of €30. That turned out very well, the app version plays exactly like the real version I'd seen on YouTube, and gives you the option to expand the game with the Forest of Shadows expansion for just €4.49, and individual heroes and villains for €1 each.

The game isn't easy, it took me three attempts before I killed the dragon, and that is supposedly the easiest villain. But the game is quick, and quite fun. While obviously luck plays a big role in a game based on dice, to win you need to build an engine out of the skills you find that enables you to improve your rolls. It is quite a puzzle, and interesting. By the way, the Steam version is still on promotion for 60% off, for the next 6 hours as of this writing. Or you can buy the Handelabra Digital Tabletop Bundle for 55% off, which is what I ended up doing, because it contained some more games I was already interested in, like Spirit Island and Aeon's End. Not all board games work well digitally, but getting a whole bundle of games for cheaper than the cheapest board game of the bundle is worth considering.


I looked it up, but its 7,99 EUR for me (Netherlands) in the App Store (iOS). Not sure why the difference is so huge!
Yes, the iOS App Store is weird that way, it has different availability and different prices for neighboring countries. Having said that, I've been playing the game excessively over the last days. The "progression" mode is really great fun, allowing you to tackle stronger and stronger enemies. So I would say that the game is well worth the 8 bucks, on iOS, Android, or Steam.
Dicey dungoens is fun too! have a look at that!
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