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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Hidden quests in WoW

Recently I've been talking about areas not covered by quests, but there is also another case: Quests that do exist, but few people do them, because the quest is hidden in some way. Here are some that I found:

As Alliance, there is a dwarf quest giver hidden in a niche in the western bridge column [edit: of the bridge between Wetlands and Arathi], who has an urgent delivery of moonshine for Southshore. As that part of the bridge is destroyed, and the column is standing unconnected, you need to jump to reach him. I managed it easily with my hunter, jumping from the Arathi side. But I was using Aspect of Cheetah for higher speed, and I've heard that without some sort of speed enhancement, like a swiftness potion, the jump is difficult or impossible. Of course there are a couple of ways to levitate or teleport there, if you have the right class for those spells, or if you are an engineer with parachute cloak.

For Horde, there are several quest givers and other NPC hidden in the right eye of the large stone skull that represents the entrance to the Wailing Caverns in the Barrens. You need to go a bit around the mountain to climb up on the top of the skull, the jump down to the nose, and into the eye socket, which turns out to be a cave full of Horde NPC. Especially interesting for leatherworkers, as the recipes and quests for the deviate scale leather armor is found there.

At a much higher level, but for both Horde and Alliance, there is a hidden quest at the Darkmoon Faire. A woman is missing her pet frog, Jubjub, and tells you that the frog likes to drink dark iron ale. This ale can only be bought in the bar in Black Rock Depths, and you need to buy at least 2 (preferable buy an extra). Then when you see the small boy chasing his frog approaching, you need to place one of these ales on the ground before the woman (when you "use" the ale by right-clicking on it in your inventory, you can place it). Then her frog approaches, and she gives you a quest for more dark iron ale. You give her one, and she gives you an unhatched jubling egg, which hatches after 7 days into a non-combat pet frog. And yes, I know that frogs don't hatch from eggs.

Another hidden quest for a pet gives you a chicken, but only for Alliance. You need to go to a farm in Westfall and buy chicken feed from the farmer. Then target one of the chicken running around there, and repeatedly use the /chicken command. After many tries, the chicken will talk back, demanding to be fed. When you feed it, it lays an egg, which you can pick up for your pet.

Do you know any other quests where the quest giver is either well hidden, or you need to do something else to make the ! appear over his head?

Sometimes you just need to not follow a quests instructions to make it more fun. I did the long Raene's Cleansing quest series in Ashenvale (Alliance), during which you receive a rod which transforms you into a furbolg. As the last step you are supposed to hand in the rod, and get your quest reward. But the rod is far cooler than the reward, and my hunter couldn't need any of the reward items anyway. So I just deleted the quest without getting the reward, and kept the furbolg disguise rod instead. Unlimited charges, but only keeps 3 minutes. Still fun to run around as furbolg in Ironforge. And I was wondering whether a guild could all get that rod, and then go fighting PvP battles on battlegrounds, all disguised as furbolgs.
I don't know any quests that are really "hidden", but it seems that many people do not know the following 2 series for Alliance. Both give an albeit useless, but funny reward at the end (the first a fun trinket, the second a pet):

Since the quest giver is in the Westfall mountains and you have to be at least level 40 to receive it, people don't stumble upon this by accident :) The series makes you travel all over Azeroth, and besides the old cliche of the alcohol loving dwarf I found it quite funny - it's the only quest I know that is given out in rhymes. The fire-spitting effect of the trinket looks funny - it's a pity that I completed Raene's cleansing series (I was so naive as a newbie, considering quest completion more important than a nice item ^^), else I could be Ironforge's only fire-spitting Furbolg now ;)

The quest givers are a bit hidden, and at least at the time where I did it there was a bit of a glitch - the series stopped at some point and no hint was given that it's continued somewhere else.
As Alliance, there is a dwarf quest giver hidden in a niche in the western bridge column, who has an urgent delivery of moonshine for Southshore.

Could you please specify in which zone is the bridge you're talking about? Is it in Southshore? I'd really like to try that quest (I really love hidden quests), but I can't seem to understand which bridge you talk about...

There is a fun Zelda homage quest that starts in Un'Goro and takes you all over. Look for the destroyed raft in the Marshlands then talk to Linkin in Marshalls Refuge. It has all kinds of cool Zelda references, good exp, and rewards too.
The bridge in the previous post is by the Thandol Span between Arathi and Wetlands
Thanks for the info, I'll go look it out tonight!
Edited the text, half a phrase about the bridges location was missing, sorry.

I did the Zelda quest, and it is really fun. You even get a photograph of Link and Zelda as part of the reward. The destroyed Windwaker boat to look for is in the raptor area in the south-east part of the Un'goro crater. Then the quest leads you all over the world. The reward is Linken's sword and boomerang. The boomerang is a trinket that works like a throwing weapon, but you don't need the throwing skill to use it. I hear it is one of the few things paladins can use to pull from afar.
Darsint, season 60 Warrior Shadow Council:

Another hidden quest begins UNDER the Thandol Span - the bridge you mention in your intro.

If you swim through the rubble and look closely, you will notice the skeletal corpse of a Dwarf (he's hard to see and you have to swim deep)

The corpse has a scroll case with a letter to his wife in Iron Forge; deliver it to her (Military Quarter). You will be referred to the Dwarven King who will send you on a quest for stone to make a statue of the dead hero. You will be lauded by the king for your efforts.

Honour over honours!
what lvls are these quests at the bridge? will i need a speed bosst to get to the niche?
"And yes, I know that frogs don't hatch from eggs."

Since when?
FYI several (but not all I believe) of the Wailing Caverns skull eye quests can be done by Alliance.
Cortello's Riddle, can be done by both Alliance and Horde....
First find a scroll called cortello's riddle in one of the three pirate ships in the utmost southern point of stranglethorn vale. Inside one of them, on the second level down, behind some barrels in a back room. It's a small scroll and easy to miss, so keep looking
There's a quest by a Dwarf in Dun Morogh, he's in the hills all by himself though, so most may have missed it:

It's a low level quest, he asks you to get some meats from a chest in a cave. The cave is guarded by Old Icebeard who is pretty much the same as Vagash, 11 Elite, although there is a chance to solo this quest easily enough as Icebeard will step outside the cave long enough for you to run in, grab the meats and run out. Watch out though, cause he comes running back to the cave. Also, when your by MacGrann, if you look over the ledge, there is a chest that spawns on a landing about halfway down.
Off the southwest coast of Westfall is a lighthouse where both Alliance and Horde can get a few lvl 20ish quests
To the frog eggs guy: I'm not sure your method of proof is scientific. Try, for example:

I think the writer is saying you receive what we traditionally understand by egg - a hard-shelled ovoid - when in fact frogs do not come from such things. Everything comes from eggs if you stretch the definition far enough. And everything is true according to Google results.
Where are the Questless areas you mention? Also, no new hidden ones? I have checked back, but never any new ones. Come on people, lets try to find some!
I realize this is an old post, but there's the "Test of Faith" chain that starts in Thousand Needles. The questigiver is a tauren in a cave up on the wall west and a little south of Freewind Post. Be sure to do *exactly* what he tells you. :)

The chain eventually leads to Scarlet Monastery.

westfall quest obtained from finding a treasure map off of a murloc
there is a couple hidden quests in elwynn forest for low lvls.

if u talk to the girl in this small cottage of the farm next to the stonefield farm. she gives a quest that resembles romio and juliet almsot. and there are other hidden quests u can find in the stonefield farm and the one next to it. =]
The quest Jungle Secrets in Stranglethorn Vale.;wquest=215&locale=enUS

Once an hour Private Thorsen patrols from the Rebel Camp in the north of STV. He stops next to the road, and while there, wait for him to be attacked by the two Kurzen men, and then help him kill them. He will thank you for rescuing him, and tell you to go talk to Doren.
In duskwood a little north west of the house that morbent fel is in there is a grave. Rightclick on it and start the chain for the history of Morgan Ladimire(mor'ladim:the 30elite that walks around in raven hill cementary) and at the end u get his sword and a book telling about him. Its pretty cool if you want to learn a little about him. The sword doesnt glow =(
"And yes, I know that frogs don't hatch from eggs."

"Since when?"

Actually he's right frogs are not born from eggs, at least not full grown ones... they're tadpoles first.
Linkens quest! can be found at a boat in un´goro crater. A realy fun quest and it gives some cool rewards :) check it out at wowwiki or thottbot.
I'm pretty new, so this might not be any surprise. There is a quest in Southern Stranglethorn Vale, look for a little green bottle by the shore near the southern crabs. One was a scroll of protection III, and the other begins a very short quest. You get some ring for your wrist that gives you +12 stamina and 119 armor. Don't remember the name as I disenchanted right away.
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