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Thursday, April 11, 2024
Done for now with Millennia

It is A.D. 1909, turn 350, and my colony ship just blasted into space, winning me the game. I played through all ten ages, choosing the standard version of the age each time, and the age of departure as the last victory age. Most of the game was fun, but the age of departure is about collecting 5,000 points for your colony ship with production, which mainly consists of pressing the end turn button. I don't know how long this run took, but overall I have now 88 hours played in Millennia, so I am well over my 1 hour per dollar spent requirement. I think it is time to give the game a rest, and hope for some patches, plus the DLCs announced for the second half of the year.

One lesson that I applied successfully in this run was that you can't play too peacefully. The AI is grabbing land quite aggressively, and as long as he thinks he is stronger than you, the AI will bully you. Let the AI start a war, conquer a few regions from him, offer peace, and you'll have a much nicer neighbor for the rest of the game. I didn't take any warfare national spirits, but I did keep my military research up, and a good number of troops around. That is also very helpful in the otherwise quite annoying age VII, the age of revolution, where neutral rebels suddenly pop up everywhere to steal your cities.

The one feature promised for the next patch that I am looking forward to is the ability to raze a vassal city. Right now you can only raze neutral cities, but if you take a city from the AI, it becomes your vassal, and you can't get rid of the region, even if you could use the space better for your existing regions. I have tried many different runs and different strategies, but a lack of space is a constant. That is really annoying, because the whole city-building aspect of Millennia with its goods chains is somewhat falling flat if you don't have the space to build it.

While I had a lot of fun with Millennia, it ultimately doesn't overcome the problems that other historical 4X games have. The start of the game is fun, but at some point your territory is established, and the whole thing kind of bogs down. Then you can either go for a military victory or peaceful victory, but the end game is always a lot slower and more cumbersome.

> overall I have now 88 hours played in Millennia

Someone may say "Those are rookie numbers..."
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