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Friday, March 31, 2006
To infinity and beyond

My blog is getting bombarded by hits. I somehow ended up on the top spot for Google searches for "tier 0.5" and "stratholme 45 min", and that with an article that only links to where the real information is found. So since the patch in live, I get over 2000 hits per day. From a pure number of visitors point of view, 2006 is a big success:
Unlike previous spikes in visitors, this time it isn't a link from Slashdot or some big gaming site which gets people visiting my blog. This time the hits nearly exclusively come from Google. It is kind of a snowball system, people find my site on Google, link to me, which makes my Google page rank go up, and more people find me on Google.

Blogger and Blogspot being free services, I wonder at what point they'll limit my bandwith, or require me to pay for it. I'm probably still far from that point, but the growth rate is impressive.
If only hits could be converted to xp, and gold :P
They can. You first convert hits to dollars by using something like Google Adsense, then you convert the dollars into WoW gold by paying a gold farmer. I don't plan to do either, but the possibility exists.
Adsense and blogs doesn't = money :P Haha.

Anyways behold the power of Google! Just think of how many sites have entire teams dedicated to getting hits and are only able to get a little bit more than you.

You sir have passed the point where Google will be your biggest entrance portal.

I'm slowly going up in the google page rank :)
Tobold, I like that conversion idea. There is something beautiful in writing about making gold to actually make gold!
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