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Saturday, June 17, 2006
WoW Journal - 17-Jun-2006

Just a short notice to say that yesterday night I got the pants of prophecy in Molten Core. We are still using the stupid top-down DKP system, but we were only three priests, and even with me being the third, the pants just trickled down to me, because the other two already had them.

Yay! My first MC epic on that character. But I have 3 other epics, that are not from MC: Flarecore gloves and Truefaith Vestments that I tailored, and the tier 0.5 gloves that I quested for. Nevertheless the pants of prophecy are very nice, because they replaced some spiritshroud leggings from UBRS which were less good in all stats.
Congrats Tobold. =)

Pants of prophecy? That has got to be the silliest and funniest item name I have ever heard. Do they spontaneously burst forth future revelations to those who wear them? Heh.
Nice one!

Grats Tobold
Hehe - the name always tickled me too. Grats Tobold :)
I agree with the funny name. Sounds like a setup for some bad pickup line. "Hey baby, you want me to tell your fortune...?"

Anyways, gratz on the stats improvement. :)
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