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Sunday, December 31, 2006
This blog in 2006

Every 31st of December I take a look on how my visitor numbers evolved over the year. This year's results are absolutely astounding, I had a 2000% growth rate from less than 3,000 readers in December 2005 to 56,000 readers in December 2006.
I think I can say that 2006 is the year where this blog really took off in visitor numbers. Another 20-fold growth in 2007 is impossible, that would be over a million visits per day. There aren't that many people interested in MMOs, and I doubt the free Blogger service allows that sort of traffic.

So I'm wishing a happy new year to all my readers who made this possible. I'm sure 2007 will be a very interesting year for a MMO gamers.
i remember when i stumbled across your blog think around April/May
i was searching for a powerlevling guide and i got linked here. been in my favorites since. and is always the second site i look at when on the computer.

on a different note i have been planning of starting a blood elf paladin upon the release of the burning crusade and would love for it to be on the same realm as your preist so i can look forward to prehaps one day raiding alongside you!! However i haven't a clue which realm you play on.....

And finaly i'd like to wish you a happy new year and all the ebst for your blog in 2007!
You right well, you right often. Is it so surprising that many people will be drawn to such a site? :)

Keep up the good job and most importantly keep enjoying what you do and what you play :)

Happy New-Year!
How the heck could I write "write", wrong, twice??
Good thing I'm not a blogger :)
I forget when I came over, but I swing by daily. I really enjoy your casual writing style, and thought provoking articles. You've got a knack!
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