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Friday, June 01, 2007
A hidden LotRO joke

I happened to mention "Windows" in a LotRO in-game chat, and it came out as "@#$%&*!@#". Made me smile. Apparently the developers consider Windows to be a dirty word and catch it with the foul language filter. They might have a point there. :)
There are a few odd profanity filter choices... I can't use the word Yuck or y-u-c-k even. Earlier my kinnies tried to say the name of a dragon from LOTR lore (and oddly enough DDO lore) and it was blocked.
I bet if you typed in VISTA, you'd be banned )

Has Turbine given any word on when they plan to fix the damn interface?

I think they're losing a lot of middle aged gamers by not allowing re-sizing.
Maybe profanity filter = character name filter?!
@Anonymous: The Resize of the UI will be introduced in the big content Patch Shores of Evendim. See here for Patch pre-info on PTR:

@Tobold: See this interview on housing:

Any comments from your side on housing experience? I like the sentence: I think of housing as kind of your second avatar
That's great news, Drugh.

Playing at a higher rez left the icons so small that I had trouble reading them.

This should allow players to play at higher rez, and being able to enlarge the interface to compensate.

So, does LotRO run on Linux?

- Ikuturso -
I just had this e-mailed to me, apparently LOTRO is on TV tonight, 7pm BBC2. The e-mail said:

"The Money programme explores the phenomenal popularity of Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming and meets David Solari, Vice President and General Manager of Codemasters Online Gaming in regards to the hugely popular and recently released game, The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, based on the literary works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Also being interviewed is Sam Russell, Senior Community Manger for LOTRO and Tony Williams, COO of Codemasters. The programme investigates the hugely growing popularity in MMO gaming and how the industry is responding to increasing ‘Virtual Crime’ where MMORPG players illegally trade virtual items for real world money"

Sounds like it will include all the usual MMORPG nasties, but hopefully they'll have some positive things to say too.
Fun with LoTRO profanity filter? Try these words and scratch your head in wonder...
Turbine gets filtered?

Wonder if their using some form of SOUNDEX function to detect bad words?

Turbine sounds like Urine?
@nick. Watched the program, was basically another plug for 2nd Life.
Also showed that 2nd Life is for people with too much money - some guy was renting a virtual house for 60 pounds (real money) a month!
Quite a discrepancy considering LOTRO doesn't run on Macs...
Macbook pro ere nps = Bootcamp
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