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Friday, August 24, 2007
1 Million Visitors

Sitemeter is telling me that this blog just reached 1 million visitors since February 2004, with one and a quarter million of page views. Thank you all very much for coming. As I said in the first post after installing the counter, it is the fact that people are reading that keeps me writing. I couldn't have done it without you.
Nice milestone...congrats Tobold.
Ive never posted before but have been reading since janurary 07. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your blog every day.
Congratulations and thanks for inspiring myself to start an own blog.

The Sky is the Limit!

I found your blog on google after buying LOTRO. I read it almost every day as well. Consistently intelligent and well-written. Congrats.

You help bring respectability to gaming and that is sorely needed. I really hope we reach the day when you will be proud to have your *real* name associated with this site. Until then, move the blog to your own site and get some ad revenue. :)
Congratulations and thanks for inspiring myself to start an own blog.

What tem said!

I think I may have some catching up to do though; at my current rate of hits, it'll take me about 550 years to get there :)
Hotlink to page 3 girls and double your traffic )
Hotlink to page 3 girls and double your traffic

That would work (after explaining to Americans what page 3 girls are). I once mentioned the words "sex" and "World of Warcraft" in the same article, and that one gets about 10 hits a day from people searching for WoW sex in Google. *Sigh* And I didn't even report on the current "World of Whorecraft pornstar gets banned in WoW" story that is making the round of the blogs.

But I'd rather have the sort of reader who actually read what I'm writing, and not the sort of lost sheep looking for a cheap thrill.
Congratulations and Kudos for a very enjoyable Blog. And thanks to Drugh (TEM) for inspiring me to read it. ;)

Keep it up!
gz Tobold!
It's the fact that you keep writing that keeps us reading. See, we make such a nice circle :)

I'm not from the US, but I still don't know what page 3 girls are... some mag reference?
British tabloid newspapers have large photos of topless girls on page 3, which is the first page you see if you "open" the newspaper. Examples at, obviously NSFW.
This is one of the best blogs I read on my daily rounds. Keep up the great work.
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