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Thursday, August 23, 2007
Council of Underpanty Gnome Pirates

Via The Ancient Gaming Noob I found this guild name generator for World of Warcraft from PlayOn. Every time you refresh it, it gives you another 100 authentic sounding WoW guild names. I got the Council of Underpanty Gnome Pirates on the first try. :)

In fact the guys from PlayOn discovered that WoW guild names to 90% follow just 4 simple grammatical constructs. So after reading 22,000 guild names from 5 WoW servers [which in itself is news: Over 4,000 guilds per server? Astounding!], they had enough vocabulary to construct this guild name generator. This program must have secretly been around for years already, because I swear that half of the guild names on the servers I played on sounded as if they were created with this software. ;)
Awesome :)
The only thing it doesn't get right is where/when to put a "the".

E.g. "Order of Chuck Norris Ninjas" should be "Order of THE Chuck Norris Ninjas"
Dots of Goofygoobers Fan Assassins
Frogs of Krazed Azeroth
Society of Dead Parrots Strikers
The Gods of Midget Knights
Magic of the Rabbit Highborns
Knights of the Storm Patty

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