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Saturday, September 29, 2007
Ni Hao (A Gold Farmers Story)

Some musical weekend entertainment from YouTube.

Nice music and timed edition.
lol that was pretty funny
Dude. We took SO MUCH shit for publishing this. I hope and pray you don't get 2% of the "fan mail" we got when we ran this.
How this video is perceived depends pretty much on the context. I'm fully aware that it is racist, especially the part with the eggrolls. But the opinions presented in the video aren't far off from the complaints you can read about gold farmers every day on the WoW forums, and are thus a relevant subject of discussion for a MMORPG blog.

Plus the tune is catchy. :)
To those people who thinks that this video is lightly racist, or not racists r very very ignorant.

There are to much racist comments to mention.

Anyways I'll point out a few.
-"Chinese" is not a race, ie you wont call all white people Europeans...we are asian, you are Caucasian.
-10 cents per hour being good money >.> i hope no one took this seriously and believed this, anyways kinda degoratory.
-The excessive useage of ni hao and the little gnome npc wearing shaggy cloathing with a farmers hat, symbolizing every ones like pov.
-"where did all the dogs and cats go" ie assuming we eat our pets etc, the cats and dog breeds shown are pet breeds... only dogs are eaten at some areas, and cats are not eaten... dog meat = pov quality meat, generally people who are starving catch feral wolfs and dogs to survive (otherwise sheep and cattle die anyways) its kinda like culture, people eat it nowdays becasue it was used as food source back in the ages (like japanese and whales), dogs that are consumed are specially bread.
-as mentioned in the egg roll by someone else
-getting a "china-man" gets fired... no need to explain really. "china-man" it self pretty degoratory.
-The fortune cookie being add from beijing >.> dissing capital of the nation o.O, also kinda like saying chinese people outside china r also pov.

those r just a few to name. I just want the ignorant people to realize that this is infact heavily racist. (btw, true that alot of farmers r chinese, but u prolly have same numbers from korea, and other country like thai land vietnam etc...)

About this song, I LOVE THIS SONG. Yes i say its racist etc... but its like so unreal that its funny (i laughed my self silly at the fortune cookie joke). No matter how i look at this video, its great. I like the chic's voicing (she prolly had a sore throat after using her voice after that lol, had great effect) and the lyrics was great.

The standard is quite high, and i recomend anyone who isnt offended to watch it. love it heaps XD
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