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Saturday, September 29, 2007
Tabula Rasa open beta

Never believe a review, it's much better to see for yourself. Fileplanet is offering open beta access for Tabula Rasa to anyone. So check out whether a third-person SciFi shooter MMORPG is the game for you!
Thanks for the heads up!
There is just something about the interface in Tabula Rasa and the quest's that is bugging me. I know not every game wants to steal from WoW but they got that part so right when going to Tabula Rasa there interface just feels unnatural and clunky.
TR's interface stinks. Maybe it feels natural to fps fans but as someone who mostly plays rpgs and mmorpgs, I found the TR interface to be extremely unintuitive.
yeah it even stinks for an FPS interface the there is no intuitiveness in it as you said that is the one thing that really needs to change and the pacing it seems slow for some reason?
I had big hopes for this game, but it's really, really bad.
TR's interface is clunky at best. The only thing I find unintuitive is getting out of mouselook mode. I'm assuming there's a key for it I just haven't looked yet so I bring up the questlog or skills page to get my cursor.

It's not an FPS UI though either. Not by a longshot.

I don't mind different UI's at all, why does every UI in every MMO have to be identical? We had to learn that first MMO UI anyway, will it kill us to actually have to fire a couple neurons and learn something new? But a UI needs to be intuitive and functional and currently TR's lacks both.
Your always stuck in mouselook by the way,,,it is their play make it feel like an FPS...
But, anytime you open your bags, or leave mouselook...
The UI is I switched to an Xbox 360 controller, and it feels 100% like a console game, it works quite well actually...but the gameplay screams console also with no monthly fee...
I would buy it in a heartbeat, if it was like GW...(pay once, play online for free...guess Hellgate may grab sci-fi online game now...)
Too sad really
I could see TR being a 360/XBL title. If only NCsoft decided to port to both next-gen consoles instead of going PS3-exclusive.

And yeah, maybe a GW style model for payment I could see. As much as I was looking forward to TR, I just can't quite put my finger on what it's lacking but that mysterious "magical something" is missing that makes me want to login at all.
The key to leave mouselook is CTRL, which also brings up the menu dial.
Downloaded the beta, its now updating. But do I really need yet another mmo ;-)).
Downloaded last night. I'm not even through the tutorial yet and I can already see why people are saying this can't support a monthly fee. Unless the gameplay changes dramatically after the tutorial then what we have seems to be an RPG which mixes in all of the worst pieces of an FPS without capturing the good bits.

Sad that the more I play games like this the more I think Planetside actually came pretty close to getting it right and now we seem to be getting further away from a game that would be good.
Yeah I quit play it...ran out of ammo and cash. No way to earn more of it.
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