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Sunday, September 30, 2007
WAR combat and abilities

Warhammer Online has another video podcast out, this time about combat and abilities. It explains what type of abilities you can use in combat, and how to get them. Some you get just by leveling up, some you buy with points you gather. The video tells us that there are more abilities in the game than you ever hope to have on one character, just like in WoW you can't have all talents at once. No word on whether it will be possible to respec your char if you gimped yourself.
Hm, I hope they have a way to re-organize tactics and morale abilities, do they? Otherwise it might be really easy to completely mess up your character, Diablo-style :P
The ability to respec your choices again later has been confirmed in interviews and on WAR fansite forums quite a while ago and reconfirmed multiple times since. I hereby inform anyone else here of it. :p

But yeah, it's a common question by those who have seen the podcast but don't lurk on WAR forums. Should've been mentioned.

The Mythic folks have stressed that you shouldn't be able to gimp your character permanently at any point so respeccing will most certainly be there.
Warhammer is looking more and more like a very well thought out and designed game. Being able to change tactics (character spec's) between fights will be a major achievement that may well be a killer for current WoW. Sick of spending 50g to respec in WoW so you can swap from one role to another in a group? Yeah, me too.
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