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Tuesday, October 02, 2007
Pirates of the Burning Sea stress test

From Thursday to Sunday Fileplanet subscribers have the opportunity to stress test Pirates of the Burning Sea. If you are not a subscriber, you can apply too, but "subscribers get in first" is the rule in this particular case. This being a stress test, server performance will most likely be worse than in the real game. But you should be able to play enough of it to form yourself an opinion on whether you like the gameplay. I'm most interested in the player-run economy, but I guess I won't see much of that in a 4-day test.

And yeah, I know I link to Fileplanet a lot. No, I'm not getting any money from them, just the opposite, it's me who is paying them for a subscription. I know some of you don't like the idea of having to pay for demos or betas. But I'm a sucker for buying games that look interesting. If Fileplanet gives me the opportunity to try before I buy, it takes just two games I decide against to pay for more than 1 year of Fileplanet subscription. So I usually come out ahead. For normal demos it's usually just convenience, I could get the same for free but slower. But MMORPG betas are quite often Fileplanet exclusives. Really worth it for a MMORPG fan and blogger.
This is sick. I'm now in 3 betas (with this one). Well actually 5, but two I gave up on. Then I'm playing 3-4 regular games + WoW now and then. This is a busy autumn...

Zzzzz, not enough time.
I don't know where you find the time! My 3 hours a night on WoW is about the most game time I can get on a daily basis. That accounts for one instance run and a bit of spare time to potter around.
I like FilePlanet but also use FileShack a lot, too, but I don't subscribe to either so I have to wait in line for my download.

With Blizzard's slow-as-molasses downloader for Patch 2.2 I got in line at FileShack, waited for a little over 10 minutes for the download to begin, but was installing the patch just minutes later. From experience I know that if I'd used Blizzard's downloader it would have taken over half an hour just to download the patch.

My playing time is too valuable to waste waiting for patches.
I don't know where you find the time!

That's just the problem. I don't HAVE enough time. :)
Right now I can't spend much time on any of those games since I want to play them all, and the betas I at least want to try so that I know if it's worth buying.
I can't find where to signup or download it as a non-FP subscriber... and some of the pages say this is only open to FB subscribers -- is that so?
The page to which I link has a big button saying Join the Stress Test - Subscribers get in first. Press the button to sign up. If that doesn't work for non-subscribers, I got fooled by the phrase.
heck if anyone has a stress test key they do not want to use, just email it to me.

(been trying to get into this beta for a year and a half now)
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