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Thursday, December 27, 2007
Second epic flying mount

Woot! I reached one of my goals: I now have an epic flying mount for my other level 70 character, the priest. I started gathering money a bit over 6 weeks ago, at which point I basically had zero, because I had bought the first epic flying mount just before my break. But I made about 100 gold a day from daily quests, and the remainder by transmuting Primal Earth into Water. So now both of my level 70s have the maximum riding skill and at least one mount to go with it. My warrior already has two mounts, the bought one, and the Netherray. And he is already revered with the Netherwing, so I'll probably continue those daily quests and get the Netherdrake too.

The various mount types are just fluff. But having the 300 riding skill for the epic flying mount makes a big difference for travel speed. And I would assume that the next expansion at least has zones where you can use the flying mount. I don't know if Blizzard plans to introduce further riding skill increases for even better mounts in future expansions. But I have the impression that an epic flying mount will be more helpful in Wrath of the Lich King than any gear I might pick up, because the gear will be replaced by new stuff fast. Riding skill is forever.
AFAIK Flying Mounts of any kind will not work in Northrend (where WoTLK is gonna be). So unless something has or will change, it looks like they're gonna be confined to Outland the same way they are now.

Sorry XD
From what I have read from Blue posts from Blizzard, they do want to try and have flying mounts work in Wrath of the Lich King.
They have said they may do some quest where you have to de-freeze your mount or something which can only be done once you hit level 80 or whatever.

Also Blizzard blue posts have said that they will NOT be introducing additional riding skill levels and that they find the current speeds plenty fast enough.
The whole absence of flying mounts from WotLK is stupid. Can't blizzard just add mountains you can't cross over?

It's not like you can't walk to different areas, and you will die if fight mobs too far above your lvl anyways so what is the point?

They should also fix azeroth to allow for flying mounts. Them being lazy just makes the game seem less polished, and shows that they really don't plan ahead but rather have a 'see how it goes' game development team.

Althogh I'd like to buy an epic flying mount, if I can't use it until lvl 80 in the xp, I'm just going to hold off. I'm sure i'll have enough gold by level 80 to buy one.
I hate all these arguments for flying mounts to be included in Azeroth and WotLK. If you haven't noticed, the damn flying mounts barely work currently. They are horribly laggy! The technical side of WoW does not support the speeds at which these mounts travel. The only place the mounts look good is on the screen of the players using them, otherwise, to everyone else, it just looks like people appear out of thin air.

IMHO, Blizzard stepped a bit too far including the epic flying mounts and created a disaster for any future content being designed.
@ heartless, The epics flying mounts are pretty smooth to me, sometimes they get laggy in shat, but other than that they seem smooth.

Also I'm not sure how the speed of your character would cause lag, the server updates periodically no matter how fast you are travelling. So instead of saying you are at x,z,y you are x,z,y.
Post your computer specs, and server details, because I have never ever had lag related to any kind of flight.
Blizz will open WotLK for flying mounts, but only later. They said, they do not want the players to ruin themselves the fun of adventuring and exploring a new world.
I have dealt with hundreds of flying mount encounters and never once have they actually looked "smooth". All you ever see is a scooting flying mount and suddenly a level 70 appears on the ground.

Or the wonderful, instant disappear after a res trick. The servers don't update your client until after a person has ressed, jumped on their mount, and climbed almost out of view. Happens all the time if you play on a PvP server and try to camp a body of a flying mount owner.

The view and draw distances of WoW, cranked all the way up, are pitiful. Hell, even in the days of just grounded epic mounts, players heading directly at each other would often not appear until they were almost past each other. And I'm not talking about crowded areas.

Even without the technical side of things, the speeds are just ridiculously overpowering and I can't imagine how Blizzard thought they would balance this in a game where the expansions will be completely about leveling.

I honestly believe they added flying mounts with the idea of restricting them to The Outlands, but didn't expect a huge outcry when the mounts were going to be grounded.

I just don't see Blizzard taking the time to balance out the advantages and exploits that flying mounts cause with new content. Content design goes from a fairly 2d layout to a 3d cluster-mess in a hurry unless they just outright ban the flying mounts.
Flying mounts will work in all Northrend zones, but not until later levels (as mentioned above). This is both good (questing with a flying mount is a joke) and bad (I have three chars with skill 300 and want to use my mounts durn it!).

I would love it if Bliz decided to allow flying, but made it difficult to skip quest mobs, but then you would NEVER be able to fly in certain areas. Disallowing flying from 71-78 (or w/e) means you'll get the freedom you enjoy now, you just won't have it right away.

Adding flying mounts to Azeroth would rock my socks, but I'm not betting on it happening anytime soon.
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