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Sunday, June 29, 2008
Open Sunday Thread

Another open Sunday thread, but with a twist: You can ask me questions about the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational 2008 I'm visiting this weekend. If you're lucky, I can even answer the question. :)

Of course other subjects and discussion is also allowed.
What else was in the goodie bag besides the Beta key? Still debating Blizzcon or not, but sadly, because i want a murloc costume :o
Did they mention at Blizzcon if D3 would be playable as a purely LAN game as well as online? I think that was one of the strengths of D2, I just hope it carries over.
Unfortunately the WoW QnA was yesterday, I'd love to have asked if slam was gona be changed in the same way as steady shot (not to reset regular auto-attack) and if they'd fix druid tanking gear itemization so that arena gear wouldn't be mandatory :\
Are they planning to create Diablo 3 as they di with two, so that we'll be kind of forced to reroll with each patch, or will the talents be unlearnable as in wow? I highly doubt, as that would take away quite alot of the addiction factor.
I did read somewhere that they were thinking about allowing respecs in some way for D3, if you google "diablo 3" "developer panel" some information about this should come up.

From What you see of Wrath of the Lich King, how is Death Knight tanking expected to work?

I know a good idea.

Wonder if anyone can talk about anything not Blizzard, D3 or WoW related today.

Who am I kidding. This was such a historic announcement, I felt the internet buckle yesterday under the rush of the news.

Anyways, I am in camp with Crimson Starfire. I wish to know more information on the multiplayer aspects of D3. We have 3 eager players in this house who loved D2 (Wife, son and myself)
We have also done the Baldurs Gates, EQ Champions for PS2, D&D Xbox game and the Xmen isometric titles, and really miss those types of games now.
This just screams "family game night" all over.
Your family rocks.
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