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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Personalized WoW recipe site?

Even before World of Warcraft introduced the Armory, there were websites where with the help of an addon you uploaded some sort of character profile, and they used the date to give you advice for example on where to get gear upgrades. Since the Armory, there are a lot more sites like that, BeImba, Wowjutsu, Talentchic, and so on, either giving personalized advice or doing data mining on trends. What I haven't found yet, probably because the info isn't on the armory, is a personalized site dealing with WoW tradeskill recipes. Sites like Crafter's Tome do a good job listing all recipes in the game, but it is still a lot of work to find out what recipes you are still missing, and what you'd have to do to get them.

So I was wondering if any of you know a site that does that: I upload my character information which I extracted from WoW with an addon, and the site tells me all the missing recipes for my tradeskills, and how I could acquire them. Are they random world drops, which I can only get with luck or the Auction House? Do they drop in specific dungeons? Do they come from the new WotLK research features? Are they gained by reputation? Or, another new WotLK feature, through tokens from daily quests? All this information can be found somewhere, but I'd really like a site that gathers it all together.
I used up the trial time for Azeroth Advisor, which is supposed to compile out all kinds of personalized information, including recipes. It worked fine for my low-level alt during leveling, but was wildly inaccurate for my max-level main.
Ackis recipe list does pretty much all of that from within the add-on itself.

Check RecipeRadar -

Very convenient, shows on the map recipes you or your alts don't know, so you can go and buy them
You are correct in your guess that this information is not in the armoury. Basically, what you see (in your browser in the various character views and tabs) is what you get when you query the XML for a character. Also the armoury data schemas are not updated at the same rate as patches to the game. For example, as far as I can see, there is no way to get information on the take-up of glyphs by characters, although you can get data on the individual glyphs as items. The life of an armoury data miner is full of little obstacles like this...
You might consider Azeroth Advisor in spite of Shalkis' comment, as it was acquired by 38 studios and I understand they're pretty interested in developing the technology, so it may be performing a bit better these days.

This post is one of the major flaws of all modern MMO's - forcing gamers to seek outside sources to learn about the game. They need to make this stuff more accessible in-game.
Regarding Azeroth Advisor, AFAIK it only works currently for U.S. servers.

Regarding missing recipe info and where to get it I can also recommend the "Ackis Recipe List" in-game addon which Derek suggested, it is really good and gives exactly what you wanted.
I agree with others that have recommended "Ackis Recipe List" and "Recipe Radar", I use both, and they are both great

Maybe this isnt the place to ask, but does anyone know of a working addon that will buy reagents for me when I visit a reagent vendor ? The one I used pre-3.0 is broken
IIRC, RPG Outfitter had a plug-in or some such that would do exactly that: look at which recipes you have and then tell you which ones you're missing.
Another hearty recommendation for Ackis Recipe List. It was last updated on Sunday Nov 16th, so it should be fairly up to date.
When I leveled up my tailoring last year, I used Thottbot and through their query interface was able to get a list of tailoring recipes, their ingredients, and at what skill they are orange, green and gray.

I think I have it bookmarked at home, but it shouldn't be hard to find on Thottbot.
The closest I come to this is the site Lassirra mentioned, RPG Outfitter. You install an addon and it logs your recipes, and all of the contents of your banks. The bad news is that I don't think it has a "what recipes am I missing" button, but I find the site invaluable anyway, because it allows you searchable, out-of-game access to the complete inventory of all your characters. The site is at:
was something for home brewed guild websites but had an awesome recipe tracker!
Re: Azeroth Advisor - The sample newsletter feature on the home page is currently working with just the North American Armory but the product (addon and uploader) works just fine with EU servers, so long as your WoW client is English.
I highly recommend Ackis Recipe List. Works great, tells you what vendors sell different recipes, or if they're trained it will tell you that. Really easy to use too.
Installed Ackis Recipe List, but unfortunately the WotLK recipes aren't completely done yet, at least for Inscription I'm sure of that.
Ditto Ackis and Recipe Radar, along with TSI for reagent/component lookups. As for autobuying ingredients, I use Advanced Trade Skill Window for that along with the recipe queueing which is a gods-send.

I also use RPGO but I don't think that's what Tobold is looking for (however nice it is otherwise.) I especially like the "which of my guildies are on my quests?" feature. Granted, you need to get everyone in your guild to play along, but the benefits are pretty good.
Ackis should be 100% ready for WOTLK within an update or two. I know the Jewelcrafting list's done, and I'm pretty sure most of the others are too. Anyone confirm that?
I cant confirm Ackis is 100% done, but for sure it gets updated every few days at the moment...
Remember addons such as this have to be "reactive" in that the writers need to know about a new (or even find an old one) recipe before it can get put in the list, so it will take a few weeks before its fully complete as players find new ones and report them to the various places
Hey! I wrote the original mod that did this (FGTradeLacker). I left WoW and came back and there were like four mods based on my mod and data, which made me pretty happy.

I was a little upset that people took my list of 1800 recipes without crediting me. I was a little more upset that they took my 1500-or-so pithy explanations on acquiring the recipes without crediting me.

But what really pissed me off is that (last time I was back in WoW) none of the mod authors had bothered to add information about cooking recipe acquisition. I spend like TWO MONTHS of my life looking at all the info for these 1800 recipes. Four groups of people built off my work and yet none of them can be bothered to research a bloody couple hundred cooking recipes!

Incidentally, it took that long because I didn't know about the Crafter's Tome until the end. Even when I found the site, using it felt like cheating since it was so much better than what I had been using (thott/alla/wowhead supplemented by in-game research).

And if the cooking stuff is still missing I'll add it myself. Keep a look out for "Boat's Cooking Recipes Mod".

ACKIS is one of two mods I don't play without.

ARL credits you since day 1: is the latest way

The credit still remains even though the database has been completely rewritten, etc with cooking information which I obtained myself, along with adding missing recipes, updating the acquire info, etc.

You even have a reference in-game I believe.
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