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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Google Maps can be used for a lot of different applications, and now somebody came up with an idea of using it for a wargame. BattleCell has the map of the world overlayed with 55 million cells. When you sign up for the game, you get one of these cells, and have to try to build an empire from there, buying or conquering more cells. I can't tell you more, because I couldn't test the game, as it is incompatible with Internet Explorer, and I haven't got anything else installed on my new computer.

But from a game design point of view, I can already see a problem: Map size is a critical factor for many games. Too much space and players never find each other, too little space and it's getting crowded. I have a sneaking suspicion that 55 million cells is too many for the amount of players they can hope to get for that sort of browser game.

Anyway, if this is something that could interest you, check it out and post some feedback here!
I wanted a cell near my real home, but got one near god knows where.
Hi. Look at the world map in the lower-right corner. You are where the red dot is located... (New Caledonia by default) To go to your real home, enter your address in the text field above the map, or click on the world map in the lower-right corner.

We're quickly learning that people don't like to read manuals. We're working to make various modifications to the game that provide critical hints & tips as players dive straight into the game.

We're eagerly seeking all the feedback and comments that we can get.
....Insert generic Firefox / Chrome / Opera fanboy rant here......
It seems to work with IE 8 (which is the current release), and it even defaulted to my home location in Google Maps.
This sounds interesting, I may give it a try later this evening. Sounds sort of like risk(on a much grander scale?), but I may be way off...
What kind of nerd are you Tobold, for real. Your nerdcore cred took a big hit today.
You should test the game. Thousands of players are using it. I know because I'm getting my butt kicked by a few of them.

Thankfully I have a few empires across the world that are less crowded.

Happy hunting...
I just started today and as for the space I can say that while 55 million cells seems large you'll have no problem finding other players I've already had a new player start in a general area to me and found a guy in another part of the world to exploit. And the best part is that its not a game you have to sit behind for hours and hours since its real time. I have a busy schedule so I can check on it every few hours when I have a minute do what I need and go about my business. Eager to find out more as I get more involved
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