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Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Meet Tobold in Free Realms

Neither Free Realms nor the Empire: Total War patch were released yesterday, despite the announcements. The Total War people blamed distribution problems, and said the patch will be on Steam today. We'll see.

Free Realms launched today, one day late, and I was able to create my character. I even already got my manually entered name approved: You will find me in Free Realms as

Tobold Stoutfoot

Searching just for "Tobold" with the character search function at the moment only turns up me as well. I would be happy about lots of friend requests from readers, as guilds don't appear to be supported yet. I just don't know yet whether it is possible to make friends without first meeting in game.

My toaster doesn't have internet access, so I couldn't test whether Free Realms would run on a toaster. What I did have at hand was an Acer Aspire One 8" netbook, which I used to create my character. That worked, but then entering the game only resulted in an error that for Free Realms your video card needs to support at least 1024 x 768 resolution, which the netbook doesn't. One point for WoW, which happens to run on a netbook. But otherwise the system specs for Free Realms seem to be on the low side:

Video card: Supporting 1024 x 768 resolution, and having a Vertex Shader 1.1 (recommended Geforce 6 or better)
Intel Pentium 4 or greater processor
Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system
Broadband internet connection
512 MB RAM (recommended 1 GB)
Oh my the last bastion of internet privacy has crumbled!

Good luck, hope the game is enjoyable.
Will definitely try to friend you once I have worked out how to friend people (I keep getting distracted by penguin defence.) I'm Linnet Lightfoot in FR
Free Realms launched last night at 11:40pm Pacific Time. :) So here in San Diego where SOE is launched Tuesday April 28th. :)
Sadly I won't be able to play during lunch hours from the laptop -- seems my integrated Intel GM965 chipset (on a Lenovo T61) isn't up to par.. The frustrating bit is that according to Intel it *should* have proper shader support, but requires the latest drivers.. The ones from IBM are not that recent and the generic one from Intel won't install. *pouts*

Also a general FYI to readers -- if you were a beta tester on FR or if you're a new not-premium user, chances are that for the moment you can't post to the game forums..

*meeps Cuppycake*
Ixo Belle, I challenge thee to a (TCG) duel!
Torstein Icemetal - just got in (though I was technically in beta for about 24 hours), and I'm very much excited to try the TCG on for size. I'm an old-school MtG player, haven't played a game since Weatherlight was released :D
My mom plays WoW on her Acer Aspired One at times, though she does prefer it on her MacBook Pro. That is two platforms that FR doesn't support.

Oddly enough, LOTRO also ran on her Acer, but I could not recommend the frame rate.
Mathir Oakstone - the cardgame seems tacked on - not sure if the plan is to allow you to play online out of game (mobile?) or just was developed >>very<< seperately. It also looks >>very<< complex to my widdle brain but maybe I just need to give it a try and see what falls out. I wonder if you can skill up the Card Master job even if you lose? (I.e. win = more skillpoints, lose = less skillpoints?)

I like it so far - the harvesting minigames are similar to others (PP) but with their own twists. (I'm looking at >>you<< copper ore!) The quest pointers are very helpful but sometimes the quest iconsaren't easy to distinguish. (Is that a ? or a !? Hmmm... gotta get closer.) And the amount of "member only" content isn't oppressive but it is more evident than I expected. I signed up for it so it's no biggie, but it'd be interesting if there would be an option to hide member only stuff.
Jenny Hexmittens - still doesn't know how to add a friend yet. lol
Just cruising slowly. My learning curve is slooow for new games. I like the variety of dances compared to WoW and haven't turned to WoW for 3 days since I'm actually having fun on FreeRealms.
You add a friend with the easy to use friend interface next to your minimap. The real hard part is your friend has to be on the same server as you when you add him.
Tobold: which server do you generally prefer? Saw you posted some common trades (traded your Hammer strik for Harvesting the crop). Based on your posted trades we could do some mutual beneficial trades. Anyways.. Look for Milon Stormrune. I generally try to play server 3.
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