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Monday, May 11, 2009
iPhone games?

A reader sent me an e-mail, asking for advice on what games would be good to play on an iPhone. Personally I own a PSP for portable gaming, and a business Nokia mobile phone, which together cover most of the functionality of an iPhone for half the price, so I have no idea about iPhone games. But maybe one of you can give some recommendations?

And no, you cannot really play WoW on an iPhone, except by using it to remotely control another computer.
Two words: Katamari Damacy.
Eliss -->
Myst just came out for the iPhone.
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The company I work for just released Kaloki Adventures for the iPhone. It's a port of the XBoxLive Outpost Kaloki, a fun and relatively light tycoon game. I enjoyed playing it while I was testing pieces of it, but since I don't have an iPhone *or* an XBox, I don't have the game. It's one that I would have bought, though.
How much does the iphone cost in Euro land?

Must be pretty expensive, because in the US its only 30 bucks more than a PSP alone.
My favorites are Uniwar, PuzzleQuest, Fieldrunners, and Lux Touch. There are also several good sudoku games. In general I like strategy games and don't like accelerometer-controlled games or ones that have on-screen buttons that try to emulate a control pad. So the ones above share good use of the touch screen and less of an "arcade" feel than some may prefer.

Uniwar is a turn-based strategy war game that's been compared to Advance Wars, and has a decent AI plus the ability to play over the internet against people (which I have found too slow for my play style). PuzzleQuest is a straight port of the first two chapters of the game. Fieldrunners is an excellent tower defense game, in the style where you have to construct the routes yourself. Lux Touch is a simple, but fun version of Risk.
I play Tap Defense and MotoChaser.

Also, have you seen:
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