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Sunday, May 10, 2009
Open Sunday Thread

What have you been playing this week? What stories about games made you think? This is the open Sunday thread, where you have the floor, and I have a day off.
What releases are you looking forward to?

Champions Onine and Star Wars: The Old Republic seem quite intriguing to me.

Diablo 3 will probably see us all out of the MMO market for a few months while we fight off the demon hordes.
He answered me before about not looking forward to things or something like that. Don't remember the exact words.

Though my specific was between Star Trek and Star Wars.

All 3 mentioned games is going to get played I think.

Considering he even gave (name deleted) 9 hours, before deciding it wasn't for him.

I've been playing Diablo2 alot, especially on tuesday mornings.

I'm wondering what Tobold thinks of Pinocchio's atheist messages?
Generic Darkfall Comment
Hey there !

1) Do you think the popularity of your blog is directly related to WoW? Do you think that now that you're done with Blizz, your are going to disapear among the myriads of other mmo blogs ? Did you already notice some traffic decrease ?

2) What is on your radar right now? (beside crappy FR) what game currently in development makes you feel like "omfg !!"

3)Will you ever talk ab out Darkfall again ?

Self Promotion moment: I've actually started a new blog (the profile should link to it), that among other things will be focusing on computer games.

For the first few weeks I'll probably focus more on guild wars, since in one of the previous comment threads, some people mentioned not seeing many Guild wars blogs on the internet.
As for stuff I'm looking forward to, I'm not sure whether I'll be playing any new MMO's in the near future (due to time limits, other life goals, and in general being in a better mood when not playing computer games too intensely), but I'm following D3 development, and will possibly look into some of the other games if needed.

I'll also be paying attention to darkfall comments, since it does seem like a game with some possibly interesting features, depending on how it develops and how long it takes to make a character powerful.
How do you create EQ3 with out dividing your player base by 3?

Answer: Use EQ1 and EQ2 to funnel the character into the game. Give titles, legacy equipment, etc. to characters that permanently transfer from EQ1 and EQ2 to the new game. Encourage them to transfer with in-game events (GM conducted portal openings, etc).
Trying to get players to transfer high level characters to a sequel seems like a headache to me. Are they going to be high level in the new game too? If so, what about new players? Won't they feel like they are starting at a severe disadvantage?

Also, if you let high level players transfer, it means the bulk of the game is going to be at the high end, otherwise there won't be much for transfer players to do.

And even if you do let players transfer, it's still going to splinter your player base because some people will prefer the old game to the new one.
I do consider this blog mainly game related, but not only about games...

So I do post something about films, piracy, p2p and digital download/streaming.....

I'm getting sick to see all those corporations yelling that market need to be global. And at sametime they segment the market with a great variety of tools.

Why can't I pay and watch a film distributed in united states? I would pay as any other american would do.

Even content that is meant to be free isn't free anymore....
I just made some browsing on amazon and tried to watch some videos from video section. Well, as an european I can't even see the first 60 seconds (after that you need do pay).
I can't even watch a simple trailer that is totally free because I'm not in the right region. Just a trailer!!!!

Eventually I could setup a VPN with an US based service and appear as american when browsing.
Doing so I would be able to pay and watch those films...

But why pay another service to be able to pay and watch a film? Not to mention that all this isn't that easy operation and need a tech savvy.

Now think all those that would pay regularly and see all doors slammed on their face... How many would eventually use a p2p software, may be just for a trailer?
And how many eventually would see how easy is? And eventually would continue to use p2p?

just my 2 cents reflection at 3am just after returning from cinema and thinking about... how nice would had been to rent films that usually are hard to find but are avaible at amazon or netflix

Even youtube have to restrict vision based on MPAA ruling....
Now youtube is starting to put films and tv series..... but in europes is a no go.

Even worse.... you can't know that you can't see it until you click to get the streaming... so you see a full list of nice stuff, but...
click... (region protected)
back, click... (region protected)
back, click... (region protected)

and so on......

why someone willing to pay have to decide between not viewing and get an illegal copy?
Hey Tobold, with regard to what Kahoueji said above: "1) Do you think the popularity of your blog is directly related to WoW? Do you think that now that you're done with Blizz, your are going to disapear among the myriads of other mmo blogs ? Did you already notice some traffic decrease ?"

I for one am pretty much done with WoW. Subscription is canceled and I'm just not interested in the game anymore. There are a large number of WoW blogs I've taken off my feed-reader, but yours will be staying.

Mainly because you give an interesting perspective on a variety of things. I don't really see this as a 'WoW blob' even though that's how I found it.

I'm pretty sure if you just keep writing as you do you'll retain your reader base as they are, maybe even gain some more.
I don't play WoW but I enjoy reading the site.

I'm looking forwards to rapture, which is the code name for Square-Enix's next MMO. Supposedly it may be revealed sometime around june in a trade show, but it has to be the most secretive MMO project ever: it's been worked on since 2005, but they haven't released any information besides it existing.

SE did a pretty good job with Final Fantasy XI, so I'm hoping they take that experience and run with it for more mainstream success.
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