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Saturday, May 23, 2009
Mysterious announcement

Sorry, no blog entry today. I'm awfully busy playing an MMO you never heard of. Review on Monday.
Let's try to guess!

What about that one? Oh, we've heard of that one, never mind. This? Nope, heard of it.
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By definition we can't guess, because "we've never heard of it!"

damned clever...
I certainly hope it is awesome and/or free. Looking forward to the post.
I guess Mortal Online!
Duke Nukem Forever Online!
Hmmm most recent one seems to be Warrior Epic but I doubt that. If I had the time I'd really like to explore the hundreds of Korean/Asian MMOs that have yet to make it to the West as I'm sure there are some really novel games among them.
Ooh, mysterious. Looking forward to reading it!
Tobold's doing this to get more people clicking on his pages!! =o

CS online is my bet =P
I don't think Tobold has qualified if it's a new MMO. This is intriguing.

The suspense is deadly :O
S4 League? I mean I guess it looked interesting, but most Asian MMOs LOOK interesting enough, but it doesn't stop the horrible grind of them.

Frankly after hearing FFXI had an 18 hour boss fight, that should have been done in 9 hours, I must say I never want to play an Asian MMO. Screw that.
The suspense is intended. :) As always, I'm experimenting with various forms of writing. Normally blogging doesn't involve much suspense. I don't think it will have any big effect on number of visitors, and in any case, that isn't the intention here. Entertainment is.
I'm awfully busy playing

There's a contradiction in there somewhere... :)
Ooh, sounds exciting! Is it a Korean MMO?
I'm guessing that he's playing "World of Waracraft" by Blizzard Entertainment.
It can't be hellokitty, it must be the new Blizzard MMO :P
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