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Sunday, May 24, 2009
Open Sunday Thread

Still busy playing and writing that review. So as every Sunday the floor is yours, for discussion of whatever subject interests you.
A post from a priest in the forums of WoW mentioned Tiered Multi-Guild Interface as something that Blizzard should consider. What would that entail, and how could it be done?

What's your opinion if WoW were to have a 5-man progression in content, a 10-man progression and a 25-man progression? So that those who 5man-pug mostly can move forward and get gear to start raiding 10-man Ulduar or 10-man Icecrown later, and then progress laterally afterwards?

Also, how come everyone says it's too late to do something in WoW? All you have to do is babystep over to the change.

As they say, to cook a frog, put him in room temperature water, then slowly bring it to a boil, he'll never even know he's dieing.

Would there be such a rebellion or is it because of the change other MMOs have done that have cost them subscribers (I heard SWG had such a problem).
I think in Syp's and Snaffy's new podcast they mentioned that neither of them can now play single-player RPGs after playing MMOs for so long, despite the fact that the RPGs might be completely polished, while the MMO is buggy and has numerous problems. What is your comment on this?
I like that Blizzard opened up raid content, but the multi-tiered progression might be a little much. I think, from all accounts, Wrath puts most of the content within reach of the average player and thats right where WoW needs to be.

Its a shame it took them so long to do it.
"think in Syp's and Snaffy's new podcast they mentioned that neither of them can now play single-player RPGs after playing MMOs for so long, despite the fact that the RPGs might be completely polished, while the MMO is buggy and has numerous problems. What is your comment on this?"

I agree. Single player RPGs seem so lifeless in comparison. It's all psychological on my part since I play WoW like a single player game about 75% of the time when I am doing PvE, but even then there's always chatter, always seeing another player doing something, etc.

An MMO seems more like a world because I know there are other players in it while I am in it. Single player RPGs don't have that feel.
Single player games have to be exceptionally polished these days for me to be able to sit and play them. I haven't even been able to work through Mass Effect, Halo3, or Gears of War 2 because they just don't seem to "matter" (like any online game does, in the end, no?).

Games like Bioshock have grabbed me most because of the merging of gameplay and narrative focus. There are few moments of "downtime" where nothing the player does is part of the bigger story, and I think that matters a great deal. It helps immerse the player. I have heard this is how Bioware's The Old Republic online is planned to work. Here's hoping.
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The Single player versus MMO debate is more importamt than ever, especially since Dragon Age's release date approaches...

I am really surprised to see how many people argue that they could never really play SPRPG anymore...but then again these are mainly MMO fansites...

I personally beleive that SPRPG is suffering a lot from the MMO trend because developpers think that their games could not stand a chance against the MMOs... However, there is a vibrant community of SPRPG players that would not trade their old school Baldur's Gates combat mechanics even for the most hyped up shit bag of online bugs (hum) and there are several reasons for that :

1) In SPRPG, its all about the story, your story. The scenario and the gaming experience that is linked to its background is oftne much deeper than in MMOs
2) SRPG are Cheaper...
3) You don't have to endure crappy pugs and/or super demandanding/ennoying guildies.
4) You can manage your own group and multiply the gaming experience: become tank/dps/healer at the same time, manage your own group drama and still keep ( I beg you o lord RPG, your worshippers want more Baldure's gate features in all the SRPG to come for eternity...)
5)You can still have a life AND see the end Game.
6) Map/dungeon editors are more effective than ever (wtf architect...) and you will enjoy quality user created content NeverWinter mods are sooo awsome..
7)Online communities for these games are more alive and vibrant than ever (and generally more adult)
8) You will become part of the legend that has been the base of PC gaming for the last 20 years ...

The list goes on, SPRPG will never die, thats a known fact, I predict that Dragon Age origin's sales will start off a new era for this thriving gameplay and its huge fan base.

PwnRox out
Typing this on Iphone,so I'll keep it in point form:

1:SPRPG these days tends to design towards players finishing the "main quest line" only, and skipping most of the Side Quests this creates a problem of the character being overpowered once all the side quests were finished and makes the final encounter in the game obsolete. Quick example is Fallout 3, I did all the side quests and got to max level with all the hidden weapons in like the middle section of the game and then the game simply turns into a slaughter feast.
(I miss those two added monster in FF7, now those were hard)

2: Starting a new SPRPG feels like starting an alt on WOW for me, when you have something at top level, but you have to play a new low level character and all he/she does is hack/slash or firebolt/frostbolt it simply makes me want to back to my max level character.

3: Playing with other people, one of the biggest thing, the chatting and social interaction makes everything feels ever changing, heck a bad pug vs a guild run makes 2 instances feels completely different!

4: You simply can't go back to the SPRPG world once you finished the game, because bosses are gone, dungeon's are cleared, and the scenery will never change again (through phasing).

5: Perhaps the most important reason!! You get to blame other people if things go wrong =P!!

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